15. mars. 2021
541 955 Ganger

#294 When you spend so much time together in such close quarters, you really notice when they're missing. Riley wasn't feeling himself during the last few months of Europe so it was great that he could relax with all the help on board. It certainly means less worrying for me when I can't be there. I'm sure he was missing my bread baking skills on this trip - haha!
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  • That thing that didn't make any since to you was a belly tank from a military filter jet some are for extra fuel and some are for electronics packages and can be used to carry the pilot's gear when moving from base to base

    Bryon EnsmingerBryon Ensminger17 timer siden
  • So looks like tuna steaks on the barby for dinner

    Bryon EnsmingerBryon Ensminger17 timer siden
  • So cool, Riley, that you shoot straight. Kudos!

    Ryan HallRyan Hall2 dager siden
  • I forgot to ask can i have your autographs please

    Sandra LeeSandra Lee3 dager siden
  • absolutly a fantastic episode

    michelle renemichelle rene8 dager siden
  • Great content as always!

    bennykell3bennykell39 dager siden
  • Thanks for being so honest!!!

    Marius VenterMarius Venter10 dager siden
  • In addition to my last comment I would like to say that I'm sorry you've been having a "shit 2 months." Myself as well....lost my mom 2 weeks ago. I'm a mountain guy....can live off the land but the past year or so my heart calls to the water. We are making a 3 year plan to go....even now it feels more right than ever.

    Stacey James BandStacey James Band11 dager siden
  • the most sweet syrupy culture.......modern madonna poetry.

    Stacey James BandStacey James Band11 dager siden
  • Gorgeous photography......................Donna in Toronto

    Donna NancekivellDonna Nancekivell11 dager siden
  • What will Lennie think about this in 20 years?

    Randall ParrRandall Parr12 dager siden
  • Hey Bill! #Lolloveyouman...

    Rodney SaucedaRodney Sauceda12 dager siden
  • You know it's a little shitty when your own country makes it difficult for their own people to come home no matter the circumstances. Apply to have the baby in the States, so in the future, y'all can get dual citizenship for the whole family.

    T.I.VT.I.V12 dager siden
  • Another amazing video !! Just love mondays !! What a great familly you are and very down to earth !! If ever in the old port of montreal , let us know :)

    hudsoncrabapple yohandrihudsoncrabapple yohandri12 dager siden
  • Dose Reily have a Corona beer sponsorship?

    zacgarland1zacgarland114 dager siden
  • It's kind of a double blog with gorgeous contrast. The magesty of the Alpes and the mighty Atlantic ocean.

    Paul BismuthPaul Bismuth14 dager siden
  • “We’re sinking!” make me laugh 😂

    Avery AAvery A14 dager siden
  • I would appreciate if you would use your platform to talk more about the big fishing industry decimating wild marine life, and use y’all’s experience and what y’all have seen out there to tell your audience

    Ashley IrvinAshley Irvin15 dager siden
  • Returning into nature is the best way to connect with yourself.

    Global Unity ConsciousnessGlobal Unity Consciousness16 dager siden
  • I appreciate what you said about Covid Riley, it's so tricky when the goal posts are shifting on everything all the time. I was lucky to make it back to Aus, but everyday I think of the people who aren't able to get back in.

    Will UdallWill Udall18 dager siden
  • Never thought to use the binocs to check the rigging. Good idea! ✌️

    Day DreamsDay Dreams18 dager siden
  • The parallel stories are ilarious! :D

    Balazs UjfalussyBalazs Ujfalussy19 dager siden
  • Wow this is absolutely one of the best videos. LOVE this ❤️

    Lisa Of GodLisa Of God19 dager siden
  • Beautiful I love y’all!🥰

    b. keyb. key19 dager siden
  • Loved this episode u guys! Jumping between to completely different parts of the world and the ups and downs and that amaaazing bloody sunset. Would have loved to witness that.

    Anton BraskAnton Brask19 dager siden
  • Why not sign up for the starlink Beta trials?

    ALLIS WELL mxoALLIS WELL mxo19 dager siden
  • Without a doubt, you've led a remarkable life and it's been so fun to be part of your adventure. But you have chased your dreams and now I feel like you are now feeling bound by them. You don't owe us, your channel, or your dreams anything-- live your lives, start a new landslide adventure watching your kids grow with family and friends nearby if you want. The main thing is to make sure you are listening to yourselves and close friends/family. Blessings.

    Chris IrwinChris Irwin19 dager siden
  • That was a long leap to Antigua...God bless!

    John TatumJohn Tatum20 dager siden
  • Do we get to learn the baby gender soon? So excited for you guys!!

    Sara DeuthSara Deuth20 dager siden
  • Hello from Luxembourg 🙋🏼‍♀️ You should visit sometime, we’ll show you around!

    Aisha BAisha B20 dager siden
  • LAWL, WHO created the cartoon captions for this video! ?

    crow crowcrow crow20 dager siden
  • Here's to hoping the rest of the year turns out well for your family! Sending you lots of love Riley, Elayna, Lenny and baby💖

    Jessica MarshallJessica Marshall20 dager siden
  • When did you guy's stop numbering your video's? I have been watching ALL your video's (I started March 9th) and made it all the way to video #252 and now the numbers (Ep 251, Ep 252, etc..) stopped. Now when I close my computer down at night I have no idea where to pick back up at the next evening. Any ideas?? Btw, you guy's are absolutely amazing and I have truly enjoyed every video I've watched.. Safe travels!

    Robert JoyceRobert Joyce20 dager siden
  • How about some cheese with that WINE 🍷

    Mike HMike H20 dager siden
  • Come over to Puerto Rico and have the baby here.

    Carmen FrauCarmen Frau20 dager siden
  • Want to see more fishing and more of Elayna’s cooking.

    Rachael TriceRachael Trice20 dager siden
  • Wow. Extraordinary sailing and you guys are doing well. Elana and lenny are having a super time therein the snow. Xxx take care all

    Mary RossMary Ross20 dager siden
  • Loved the dichotomy between the sunny ocean and the snowy alps, so beautiful! What a treat to be able to spend some time in a beautiful swiss home in the alps. I have only been in summer but loved it. Lenny really looked I am excited Andre is able to cross with you, what an adventure for you men. Should be great bonding and memories!

    Kristin RKristin R21 dag siden
  • I have 2 types of cancer, I'm happy if I don't shit myself every day you have a lovely lady a wonderful son Thank God for all that you have and stop bitching Make a list of what you are grateful for every day Poor you, you are on a boat every day

    Peter MarshallPeter Marshall21 dag siden
  • suck it up Man up everyone is healthy No one is dying Get over it Get through it Get on with it Stop complaining

    Peter MarshallPeter Marshall21 dag siden
  • Always enjoy watching, learning and feeling indirectly your journey - well done intertwining the ocean and alps! I skipper a few times a year monohulls/trimarans (one day would love to skipper a Cat) from 17 to 55 feet in Med, Atlantic and Sweden but would love one day to cross an ocean or globe and practice. Also thanks for the honest sharing of feelings both up and down in this digital everything looks perfect status-stress world. Stay safe. Doug Sweden/Portugal

    Doug DaberiusDoug Daberius21 dag siden
  • so what did you think of Belgium? :)^

    Le Jeune SportfishingLe Jeune Sportfishing21 dag siden
  • Do you guys think you are going to get Starlink? It would definitely help you guys a lot when it comes to internet!

    Camille paturleCamille paturle21 dag siden
  • Thank you for all of your videos, Riley, Elayna and Lenny. 👍

    Rudy SetiawanRudy Setiawan21 dag siden
  • Nice Tuna !

    Jason TomporowskiJason Tomporowski21 dag siden
  • ...)))))))!!!

    Levon AvaLevon Ava21 dag siden
  • The way these despots are attempting to define the world will only last so long... people will tire of their bureaucratic ideology.

    VV21 dag siden
  • Nice sailing! Elayna flies the drone too! Great video as usual!

    jjzmillerjjzmiller21 dag siden
  • Riley get used to the fact that that your plans are going to keep changing. This whole COVaids HOAX is never going to end and if it does it WILL NOT be any time SOON. That is, if the powers to be have anything to say about it, which they do because they are running all of it. Love what you guys are doing, keep up the great videos and content and be safe.

    Jeffrey SantoreJeffrey Santore21 dag siden
  • Holy shit! A worldwide pandemic was inconvenient? Your plans were disrupted? Inconceivable.

    Steve CohoonSteve Cohoon21 dag siden
  • 11:00 Riles you're a smart guy, dont sweat things you cant control. everything will be fine btw, florida is wide open. so is the southern border via Mexico. you just have to walk from colombia

    RAH CapitalRAH Capital21 dag siden
  • Totally sympathise with you! You aren't the only one having your plans altered every 5mins!

    HellyWelly93HellyWelly9321 dag siden
  • @Sailing La Vagabonde , how do you send large footage files back and forth to each other to combine for episodes like theses?!

    Killian PageKillian Page21 dag siden
  • i need a cheap steal boat asap. netherlands

    OnZeOnZe21 dag siden
  • Hi guys! Every time i watch an episode of Sailing LaVagabonde, my mood instantly lifts up and i instantly get inspired. When Riley asks: is this even worth it? I want to say that you guys have made and continue to make such a positive impact on my life. Whatever you decide, I appreciate you and support you 100% but i just wanted you to know that you're making a difference with all the effort you put into your videos! Greetings from The Hague

    Veronica QuesnelVeronica Quesnel21 dag siden
  • Riley! Here's your chance! Start a sailing school! ⛵

    What's outside?What's outside?21 dag siden
  • Whinge whinge whinge, if it were Really That bad that you couldn’t get home for the new birth you wouldn’t have become pregnant during COVID-19! Diddums to you!

    MattyBravoMattyBravo21 dag siden
  • Nice opening music/ visuals

    No NameNo Name21 dag siden
  • I have never seen a happier child ! Love you guys , good luck (good on ya) & happy sails

    Mike ThackerMike Thacker22 dager siden
  • Maybe best vid you guys have ever done? 👌🙂

    Peter BeckPeter Beck22 dager siden
  • wow that tuna... lucky guys! so sad to see it get cooked so much

    Rama ChandraRama Chandra22 dager siden
  • What's the expected lifetime of a spinnaker. Fascinating how you guys were not at all panicked, when the spinnaker ripped. Bon voyage!

    Rick MentoreRick Mentore22 dager siden
  • Join the club mate

    Jeffrey SearleJeffrey Searle22 dager siden
  • Couldn't watch this the Monday it came out, had to wait until the end of my work week. Solid episode, finely edited, with lovely music, awesome content. Thank you. Well worth the wait.

    Graham SomersGraham Somers22 dager siden
  • Decide where the baby is to be born and stay there.....its simple decision just make it....then live with it.

    Guide504Guide50422 dager siden
  • The snowman's face was needlessly phallic

    SmushSmush22 dager siden
  • Sail to Texas my guy the state is fully open! And get ya vaccine! Only way this shit is gonna go away is by vaccinating! Put some thought into it your life can't really get any worse by getting the vaccine. But getting covid can definitely throw things off

    First name Last nameFirst name Last name22 dager siden
  • Who else came to see the return of bilgey?

    DanDan22 dager siden
  • riley your struggles are different than alot of people but still your struggles are real and their your own. so i understand how you feel indeed. hopefully this will end soon. things are starting to open here in california a little.

    BIG LOBIG LO22 dager siden
  • Love the "Break Strong" song!!!

    djprophetinterviewdjprophetinterview22 dager siden
  • Wonderful story telling and editing.

    DeanieDeanie23 dager siden
  • Poor Lennie always taking a tumble. Maybe if he wore sneakers, instead of sandals.

    Frederica HermioneFrederica Hermione23 dager siden
  • Love the descriptive cartoon!!!!!

    Shelby RobertsShelby Roberts23 dager siden
  • Gods with you guys praying for all the stressful situations to chill out

    gnarlymusicgnarlymusic23 dager siden
  • Riley, Thanks for this honest sharing thoughts episode! Yes, life may be harder for others but everybody has also its own challenges to face. Regarding your situation, it looks like that you're arriving (Elayna and you) at the end of an era, the sailing family one. It is sot sad, it is just another page of life which is just about to start! I don't think that you were both thinking to still be on la vagabonde in 10 years. You are now probably doing some planning on a "whenever it will be possible" return to Australia and settling down somewhere. You''ll probably create a business around sailing (It's obvious for all of us that you deeply love off shore sailing) and Elayna another one in you future hometown, where your kids will go to school... Life is just going one... Best!

    dupleix0dupleix023 dager siden
  • “Was all of this worth it? That’s a horrible question” I agree and could see Riley got a bit emotional there thinking this could possibly be the end of sailing for them or the last Pacific Crossing.

    Lauren EllerbeckLauren Ellerbeck23 dager siden
  • 5:43 LOL. Let me help you with that. Car guys with belly tanks only means one thing, Lakester.

    NZ Salt Flats RacerNZ Salt Flats Racer23 dager siden
  • Not cool!!! Saying Jesus Christ in that way it is blasphemy. Not surprised your spinnaker ripped with your lack of respect.

    Into the sunsetInto the sunset23 dager siden
  • My jaw dropt on the floor.... Europe, the Netherlands are my home. We are all contained in our homes for over a year now. Yes we all would like to take trips... But we are not allowed. Do NOT travel unless you have to for work etc etc. And you are taking a road trip true 4 countries just to see snow !!!!! Unbelievable. If you sail into Australia now, you have to be in a quarantine hotel for 2 weeks. Why don't you take care of our countries the same way or give a least a good example. Just 6 more months and most of Europe have got their vaccinations and we can ALL travel again. What a selfish thing to do. We want to see the snow she says.... 😔

    Daniëlle HendriksDaniëlle Hendriks23 dager siden
  • Wow love your life, I know it's not a bed of roses but I really appreciate that I can watch you all living you lives & join in on your adventures. Thank you so very much. ❤️🖖😎🇳🇿

    Wayne DomiganWayne Domigan23 dager siden
  • Such a pity, we were very close during this period.... It was a great winter for snow!!!! Good for you Elyna and Lenny!! And Riley doing what he loves best Awesome! Great crew!!!

    Fifi CHFifi CH23 dager siden
  • covid is a hoax it will be over soon . they dont have the right to stop u coming home.

    Mr EyesMr Eyes23 dager siden
  • That’s the most vulnerable I think I’ve seen Riley. What a wonderful example of authenticity. This will help others, myself included, to open up and be more honest. These are very uncertain times and I was just talking with someone about it and I said at this point, the worst thing is the not knowing and not being able to plan ahead. It’s like living in a fog and you can only see what’s right in front of you and you have to have faith to keep putting one foot in front of the other. There’s so much more to it and it’s wearing on everyone. Sending love and hoping the clouds part and things flow into place for you all.

    Katie RobisonKatie Robison23 dager siden
  • Don’t want to get into religion but this episode reminded me of an old saying. If you want to make God laugh just tell him your plans. This has to be one of my favorite videos. Thanks and keep the content coming.

    Kevin SternerKevin Sterner23 dager siden
  • Really random but at 17:44 I noticed you have the same thermometer as me, it really doesn’t work reliably I had it read 37 when my actual temperature was 38.4 so just be wary of it

    Guevara1015Guevara101523 dager siden
  • It’d be cool to see u guys sail down to Patagonia and then up the west side of South America then up the west coast of North America. Another one..up the eastern seaboard to the st Lawrence river then down into the Great Lakes. Just trillions of nautical miles. Relaxing in the Caribbean works too.

    KavaKavanaKavaKavana23 dager siden
  • Riley, that was a nice makeup goodbye and love you Elyna, airports are so rushed these days. Gooday

    Vanessa StasnekVanessa Stasnek23 dager siden
  • Texas is 100% open Riley and Elayna! Come to Galveston/Houston area; great place to have the baby with world class medical facilities. You need a Texan in the family anyway!

    Ol DawgOl Dawg23 dager siden
  • Go home to rest for a while with the new baby and baba, :-) it will be good for all of you XXX

    TheSacred WildTheSacred Wild23 dager siden
  • What a great introduction to snow for the little fella. He'll always love it now.

    G PowerG Power23 dager siden
  • I think that Riles and Elay are a great example of “living in the moment.” They do plan things, especially with Lenny and the new one on the way, but even so, they don’t just let life “happen to them.” By being out there and taking chances, always without fretting about the consequences, they make life work for them! Many people believe that being spontaneous like this is somehow a “bad” thing, the irresponsible way, etc; but if you have been watching the two of them grow and learn together over the years, as I have, what we are seeing is “life unfolding” if you will, before them, in an almost magical way. Some will disagree, vehemently even, that “not everyone can do what they are doing.” This May be so in the strictest terms (living on a catamaran, traveling the world and SUPPORTING themselves doing it, by they way). But maybe another job that you wanted, that gives you more freedom and pays better, to travel in a boat on weekends and vacations, etc. However, look at anyone that is living their dream, whatever that may be. It may not be this life full time, but by being spontaneous and “in the moment” things pop up that would not have otherwise. That’s what I believe, anyway!

    Jim RubinJim Rubin23 dager siden
  • I feel sad for you guys that must be an absolute horad life sorry honestly I would love to have a snipit of the life you have built for your lil family. Thank you for sharing

    Dale SatherDale Sather23 dager siden
  • This was a beautiful and very well done video to say the least... I am sorry that you guys are going through such hard times... Whether other people are going through harder times or not it doesn't make what you're going through any less difficult to you... in other words just because some people may have it worse doesn't disqualify you from feeling the way you do... have you guys ever thought maybe changing up the way you do videos and doing sort of part land and raising kids in a home videos and then some on the sea videos? I'm sure you thought of that and I know that making a change like that Kenzie a little worrisome because you think you will lose people but the thing is is that you will gain new people and you might lose a few but I think that a lot of people are so invested in you and your family that I don't think you would lose that much hey.. I pray that you guys can get back to Australia... I don't know why they won't allow you to just go into quarantine for a couple weeks... This whole damn thing is so frustrating because covid is not at all what they say it is... So what makes it scary is what the true agenda is really about but the world has been through some very trying times before and here we go again it's just been a while but we will get through this... God bless you and your family

    God And ButterfliesGod And Butterflies23 dager siden
  • Those Ad breaks are getting fucking annoying...😡

    petnzme01petnzme0123 dager siden
  • So, so glad you decided not to travel alone, Riles! Two better travel mates you could not ask for, too. Experienced, good natured and most of all, well known to you “in the trenches” (I’m a landlubber, whaddya want?😆) where it counts! Most of all, you’re all having FUN! Also happy for Elayna, with her travel mates and we know how worried she would have been (but willing to let you go, if you had insisted, I think(?). Always a great pleasure watching your adventures and, frankly, the personal growth that you and Elay have gone through over the years. Of course, watching Lenny grow up is tons of fun! I think he’ll be a wunnerful big brother, too. Oh, he’ll have his moments; don’t all big brothers and sisters when a new one arrives? I should know; I was the “new one” all those many years ago! 🤪 Wishing you, always, “fair skies and following seas.” Did I get that one right? Hee hee! ⚓️

    Jim RubinJim Rubin23 dager siden
  • 😀

    Goran TomasGoran Tomas23 dager siden
  • Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwqe

    Goran TomasGoran Tomas23 dager siden
  • You know i am waiting for your vids to come up on monday because u Guys make me happy and im planning in sailing around the world but it sucks That i got to do it whit nobody because i really didnt want to do it solo but here i am going to Sail solo

    Cairo SchoubenCairo Schouben23 dager siden
  • Many people are stuck on their boats and can’t even go ashore, or they can go on certain days and times and many even have men and women’s days to go to town so it isn’t helping couples that both need to go at the same time to help carry things. The people who come up with these “quarantines” aren’t taking anything into consideration no matter what the circumstances.. I’m glad it’s finally getting better and hopefully we’ve all learned they don’t have our best interests or even our lives in mind!

    Christi PChristi P23 dager siden
  • Nice way to put these two very different experiences together...excellent on all counts. Riley, difficult decisions coming your way with an additional baby. I say find a comfortable place to stay for a while and enjoy both land and sea. A place with lots of diversity to adventure on land and also the islands, that would be perfect for slowing down just a little.

    Al Van SchaikAl Van Schaik23 dager siden