BAD WEATHER before we embark on a voyage south. 🧭

21. des.. 2020
421 857 Ganger

#281 We're in the not-so-terrible position of being stuck on the Azores. Our old foe The Weather has delayed our departure for Madeira but nevertheless we're making the most of it. Join us for some roaming around on Faial and some of our last moments on the Azores for this trip. Lenny meets a goat and we're getting ready for returning to open water sailing. It feels good to get back to the water and be working together as a team for some serious sailing. And with all the advanced telemetry and whatnot, sometimes you just have to flip a coin to decide which way to go.
And also, let us know, can Riley sing? Are we due for a Riley EP?
Thanks to our amazing featured music artists for supporting the show! You can listen to them all on our Spotify playlist:
Music Credits:
00:00 - Ren - Pixie (Intro Music)
00:40 - Jack and the Weatherman - Peace -
01:38 - Andrew Rothschild - Elysian -
03:08 - Damnian Breath - Vis a Vis -
05:17 - il-lo - Vega -
06:14 - sugar water - Heeblay -
07:47 - Canal 3 - Quincas Moreira - ???
07:58 - Ead Wood - Plum Cake -
09:08 - Dilo Alto - New Interference -
10:19 - James Walker - 2009 -
12:11 - Trent Herzman - All in Your Head -
13:54 - Zi - Lighter feat. Chris Allen (Rap Music Video) -
14:06 - Super City - Find You -
18:16 - Shag Rock - Somewhere in the Middle -
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  • Dear elayna, thanks for being my angel.

    Sky JamesSky James4 dager siden
  • I paused the video to read your thoughts Riley😂

    Veronica QuesnelVeronica Quesnel5 dager siden
  • In fairness, men that aren't used to singing often find it difficult to pitch their voice to a female voice. So you need to do it again, with a male singer. Thought Rileys back up singing seemed decent :) Now Riley, not your fault at all lol

    Ennis Gospel ChoirEnnis Gospel Choir8 dager siden
  • Thanks again for allowing me to tag along.

    David WalshDavid Walsh20 dager siden
  • He did it! Way to go with the tone matching Riley!

    Alison NewallAlison Newall21 dag siden
  • Lol you caught me out pausing the video to read your thoughts Riley 🤭😂

    Shel WyattShel Wyatt29 dager siden
  • Can you talk about pirates is it true ever had an issue

    Lowanna HugallLowanna HugallMåned siden
  • Riley the tone master!

    Richard SteeleRichard SteeleMåned siden
  • I thought you had a very nice voice Riley. Just don’t dance. Lol

    Sue EricksonSue EricksonMåned siden
  • 👀 pico 👉 👈 wheres that only fans riley 13:15

    Timothy LearyTimothy LearyMåned siden
  • Love you man but you can’t sing for shit. But no worries, you’re good at other stuff.

    Benjamin CarranchoBenjamin CarranchoMåned siden
  • Riley: Lenny put your clothes no Lenny:NO lennys mind: I AM NOT DOING THAT I AM A FREE PERSON!

    Star stable ElizabethStar stable ElizabethMåned siden
  • Good to see them daggerboards in use !! can you explain in your videos when you use them why !!!??? thx

  • You are so funny hhahahahhha

    Stine TveitoStine TveitoMåned siden
  • New to your video love the easy going atmosphere and the little one growing up with so much freedom

    Dave WyattDave WyattMåned siden
  • Riley is a natural harmonizer

    Whitney MWhitney MMåned siden
  • Lenny is the cutest boy ever! Uh oh with the goats...great footage! Amazing video editing!

    Patti NakanoPatti NakanoMåned siden
  • Saitan is pure Gluten.

    TST1998TST1998Måned siden
  • Hey, we have a saying that goes like this: Each bird sings with its own beak. :o)

    zimba599zimba599Måned siden
  • Riley you are a song bird! Fuggin Awesome!

    CruzerFJ40CruzerFJ40Måned siden
  • you guys had me cracking up when i paused the vid to read your thoughts and read "will people pause the video to read my thoughts?"

    Codie WCodie WMåned siden
  • Riley is NOT the best singer...stick to the midnight shift😂

    Damon BentleyDamon BentleyMåned siden
  • “Corbing Disribunces” 😂😂😂- I can’t understand half of what Riley says🤷🏻‍♂️

    Damon BentleyDamon BentleyMåned siden
  • When all three were singing I thought they were going to break out in Do a deer a female deer, Re a drop of golden sun, Me a name I call myself, Fa a long long way to run, So a needle pulling thread, La a note that follows Fa, Te a drink with jam and bread, which brings us back to Sailing LaVagabonde. Great episode.

    Jerry FrederickJerry FrederickMåned siden
  • Kenny and Dolly go sailing.

    Nik G13Nik G13Måned siden
  • Does anybody know which song they sang together? This Woman, her voice is so pretty ❤️

    Nadine WeinmannNadine WeinmannMåned siden
  • You are definitely not tone deaf..

    Mark L.Mark L.Måned siden
  • Riley - you rock backup vocals. Be proud - be loud! 😊

    Boydy BoydBoydy BoydMåned siden
  • Have to agree with Elayna

    Christina WoneChristina WoneMåned siden
  • i hope you have enjoy the islands of acores i have left those island 40 years ago and now in Canada wishing to go back but stock here with this pandemic and afforce with my grandkids

    norm agui tecknorm agui teckMåned siden
  • Riley has gotten Schwifty

    DisrUptuSVerRBDisrUptuSVerRBMåned siden
  • I love it when andré says "we" it makes him so much more a Vaga family member!! Love the Dré!

    Isabel HutIsabel HutMåned siden
  • I witnessed a super pod of dolphins and I mean thousands off the coast of Laguna Beach. At first we saw tons of birds and there was a massive shoal of schooling fish and then we came up on the dolphins and it was amazing. We follow the pod for a while and then moved right into the middle and we were surrounded by so many dolphins and they were jumping and leaping all around us. Finally we move in front of the pod and looked back and it was a literal stampede of dolphins. Still the most amazing natural event I’ve ever experienced.

    John LucenteJohn LucenteMåned siden
  • wait you guys are shooting with the R6 now!!!! How do you feel about it?

    Brae SepulvedaBrae SepulvedaMåned siden
  • 19:22 we love a good Billie Eilish momentttt

    Alice DémontagneAlice DémontagneMåned siden
  • 18:42 that was a pretty good harmonic

    Alice DémontagneAlice DémontagneMåned siden
  • Riley your singing is awsum. Sorry Elana :)

    Thomas BiggsThomas BiggsMåned siden
  • Happy New Year All, thanks for making my Mondays a little better...

    R. StarkR. StarkMåned siden
  • Riley 5 more years with the most beautiful voice coach (Elayna). You will be ready for prime time back up!

    Seraphim ShoalsSeraphim ShoalsMåned siden
  • Yeah, Riley is a great sailor, not so great singer. Leave the singing to Elana. :-)

    Kyle McTeagueKyle McTeagueMåned siden
  • Perfect couple

    Shane DirdenShane DirdenMåned siden
  • Good singing rile

    Петр ДубининПетр ДубининMåned siden
  • I sense a family band coming along.

    MikeztarpMikeztarpMåned siden
  • Love Elana’s guitar playing and singing. Riley, you’re a great back-up singer.

    Kelly SKelly SMåned siden
  • Love your back up singing, Love Elaina's singing top notch

    Marlene DaraschMarlene DaraschMåned siden
  • tu assure riley!

    kevin torreskevin torresMåned siden
  • Riley and singing go together like oil and water. Sorry mate. However, we dont here enough of Elayna's lovely singing.

    B ParkerB ParkerMåned siden
  • Sorry Riley, my dog just went nuts when she heard your tone. There was growling involved.

    Jason O'KeefeJason O'KeefeMåned siden
  • the kids are all grown up..............

    Rob MRob MMåned siden
  • I admire your tenacity. As a person who struggles with Depression it is great to be able to get out of my head and watch your videos. I always learn about the world and look forward to see where you are travelling. My sister and dad now watch your vlogs too. Hi from Canada.

    Mary RutterMary RutterMåned siden
  • You guys should think about showing more about Andre. Just a thought.

    Mad Mike0082Mad Mike0082Måned siden
  • Wow. Big difference on the new camera. What kind is it exactly

    Mad Mike0082Mad Mike0082Måned siden
  • There is some things you can’t unhear

    Mike BatterhamMike BatterhamMåned siden
  • I seriously love your cartoon animations!!! They are the best!!! Keep it up 👏👏👏

    Kaya KaluginKaya KaluginMåned siden
  • Loved the little cartoon 😂😂

    Sharon BadenhorstSharon BadenhorstMåned siden

    John MalloyJohn MalloyMåned siden
  • Sorry you are tone deaf

    George VeltGeorge VeltMåned siden
  • quick tip- soak your grains overnight and they will take less time cooking!

    Pure Love PaintingsPure Love PaintingsMåned siden
  • Nice! Lenny is getting a first class education. We homeschooled our daughter, similar to what Elon Musk is doing we simply supplied her with the tools she needed for what she was interested in. Art, provided her art supplies, Shakespeare, providing her with his works, government, to her to city council meetings where at 12 she participated in public comments, etc.... She is in law school now and has a very self directed approach to life.

    John BowmanJohn BowmanMåned siden
  • Hope you all are in Madeira over Christmas/New Year's. It's absolutely beautiful!

    John DanielsJohn DanielsMåned siden
  • How cool for Lenny to have these chapters of his life documented! What a great memory book to have

    Kerri EllisKerri EllisMåned siden
  • The backround music makes it so annoying and stressful to watch :(

    SaraSaraMåned siden
  • I agree with Riley. He’s got some vocals skills! :)

    ZingaroZingaroMåned siden
  • Great Video, Lenny is such a star, it's good to see you guys on the move again, she sings better than you mate, thanks for sharing

    Tony MckeageTony MckeageMåned siden
  • Alanas getting old rought

    darrin hayesdarrin hayesMåned siden
  • elayna singing hostage had me dead. i love u guys so much

    celine bonannoceline bonannoMåned siden
  • I think you sound great when you sing together!

    Cassandra Lea WilsonCassandra Lea WilsonMåned siden
  • your videos make my day so much better!!!

    Mario Coelho VascoMario Coelho VascoMåned siden
    • Vasco

      Rafael LaskeRafael LaskeMåned siden
  • Riley about your voice-- according to my brother the conductor and violinist, it's pretty common that someone who hasn't invested in training and developing their voice will have a narrow range in which they can hit notes well, and then get progressively flat or sharp as they move up or down respectively from their comfort zone. Training can stretch things out and improve it. It's similar to any other physical training you have done, just requires careful repetition of certain exercises.

    Leo DeBruynLeo DeBruynMåned siden
  • I don’t like andre

    confrontationaltigerconfrontationaltigerMåned siden
  • Since it's Sunday i do look forward to see Monday video production. Love you all

    Ludovit PolednikLudovit PolednikMåned siden
  • 4:30 looks like where the old guy from UP wants to land his house

    Hot DogHot DogMåned siden
  • I'd seriously trust y'all not only with my life but my son's life as well. Your just brilliant ppl wonderful loving parents . An I appreciate all you do!!!!

    Donna KawanaDonna KawanaMåned siden
  • You two definitely know how you put a smile on everybody's the backup singer

    Tammy StoneTammy StoneMåned siden
  • Great episode... Riley is a little "pitchy"...🤣🤣🤣

    Daphne SimpsonDaphne SimpsonMåned siden
  • like

    recep anarrecep anarMåned siden
  • “Fermenting corn” or Silage as we call it in the US looks a lot different here! 😊 so cool!

    Morgen RitcheyMorgen RitcheyMåned siden
  • Riley your fine not tone deaf

    Athena RAthena RMåned siden
  • I actually love it quite a lot when you are fooling around with each other. Just in case you really want to know: I think you're a perfect team and you sound much better singing together than any of you sounds by themselves.

    Thomas BlesingerThomas BlesingerMåned siden
  • Riley did better then i thought he would of been ahahahaha love you guys!!

    Telyn MarrsTelyn MarrsMåned siden
  • i like how lenny likes the tractors! ;D

    J CJ CMåned siden
  • Oceans=~ 2.355 × 10e21 Pints of beer give or take a truck load Pi digit 10e4 = 7 Pork&cheese Yes, I did! Paused @8:55 No. Don’t be silly. Lenny will circumnavigate the solar system in a construction truck.

    obquestobquestMåned siden
  • in love with you of luck!

    EquinoXe TMEquinoXe TMMåned siden
  • Kind of a Willie Nelson or JC quality.

    Ronald PenczekRonald Penczek2 måneder siden
  • Absolutely EPIC channel #subscribed (hit us back 😜)

    Boatman BenjaminBoatman Benjamin2 måneder siden
  • Riley, Stick to sailing - Elana has the vocal talent - Happy new year to you

    Derek HandDerek Hand2 måneder siden
  • Love to hear the full Martha Wainwright cover you were flirting with, BMFA. She swears like sailor. Feel free to guess what the letters stand for. It really is a beautiful classic.

    AlsatiagentAlsatiagent2 måneder siden
  • Riley is the best singer!

    Kristal RomanKristal Roman2 måneder siden
  • 🙋🏽‍♂️ I have an 💡 Idea for the Camera flip screen! You can use Sunglasses, that way we can't notice your 👀. Just an idea 🤷🏽‍♂️...

    Raul RosadoRaul Rosado2 måneder siden
  • Salut din București ROMÂNIA !

    Paula DinaPaula Dina2 måneder siden
  • Where did Lenny get this squid toy from.. I really want to get one from my niece

    Sara CossinsSara Cossins2 måneder siden
  • Sorry Riley, Elayna 's voice is just soo good it would most peoples singing sound less than adequate; even as backup. Never mind your talents lie elsewhere.

    Sharyn WilliamsSharyn Williams2 måneder siden
  • Delfiniiiiiiiii 💙

    Mattia VirtuaniMattia Virtuani2 måneder siden
  • Sorry Riley, stick to being a great captain and occasional backing singer.... and an awesome dad.

    Tony VinkTony Vink2 måneder siden
  • Riley, you're an excellent backup singer and you have the best laugh! i hope Lenny inherits it.

    Francie GibbsFrancie Gibbs2 måneder siden
  • 18:33 thats Jerry Garcia laid out on acid

    RAH CapitalRAH Capital2 måneder siden
  • You two look like good friends.

    SuperChancealotSuperChancealot2 måneder siden
  • Loved all the humor in this one, it was clear everyone was having a good, if not somewhat sarcastic time. Weather report was spot on by the way, excellent work!

    Sailing MariposaSailing Mariposa2 måneder siden
  • Riley Dont give up your day job to be a singer

    Geoff CookGeoff Cook2 måneder siden
  • Sorry Riley, your singing is bad.

    Brad McwhirtBrad Mcwhirt2 måneder siden