BOAT LIFE: A week in our LIFE onboard.

30. april. 2021
512 719 Ganger

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We're here in Falmouth Harbour, and we're learning a lot from our new turtle friends. They seem to have it pretty chill, they're swimming around so we thought we'd join them. And we may as well withdraw into our beautiful shell of Antigua while we can, taking it slow and steady. We're keeping active though, pre-dawn dives and seeing if Lenny's old enough to captain a boat. He's pretty close we reckon, training up our own little chauffeur.

And we're joined by an all-star cast of friends while we're doing it. To the Oscars award committee, they'll accept their awards in absentia, we're all actually pretty busy in the caribbean thank you very much.
Plus, we've got an important question for you all, let us know your answer in the comments below 👇

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05:31 - ES_A Celtic Blessing - Bonnie Grace
09:28 - ES_Medic! (Instrumental Version)
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16:42 - ES_Sweet as Honey
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    Sailing La VagabondeSailing La Vagabonde14 dager siden
    • @Cyndy CYNDY really naff argument on spelling

      Mariann FehilyMariann Fehily3 dager siden
    • I like Reef & Solomon 🥰👍

      Beth A.Beth A.4 dager siden
    • Finn!!

      Emily CharlotteEmily Charlotte5 dager siden
    • Finn!

      Nicci MillerNicci Miller5 dager siden
    • Finn

      Travis MaternTravis Matern7 dager siden
  • i vote for marlon, i worked with a marlon years ago and he was an amazing chap, i still think about him

    golfnutgolfnut3 timer siden
  • I love the name Finn. ♥️ Lenny & Finn.

    Anna’s Makeup loveAnna’s Makeup love4 timer siden

    Kate RocheKate Roche9 timer siden
  • Yey ..another exciting episode of Bonde...Lavaga-Bonde :-)

    Manch 76Manch 7614 timer siden
  • Finn for sure!

    Jacob WoolfJacob Woolf16 timer siden

    Matt EllisonMatt Ellison17 timer siden
  • FINN

    Tayla AlyssaTayla AlyssaDag siden
  • I like Finn but imagine calling him Solo or Sol for short

    Noam GutfreundNoam GutfreundDag siden
  • Solomon

    365 old to new refurbishing & home cooking365 old to new refurbishing & home cookingDag siden
  • Solomon (sorry)

    Mark HawkinsMark HawkinsDag siden
  • Solaman.

    Mark HawkinsMark HawkinsDag siden
  • . SAD IS NOT A BAD THING .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

    john stoddardjohn stoddard2 dager siden
  • Finn

    Joseph KravisJoseph Kravis2 dager siden
  • Lenny and Finn has a nice ring to it

    Chrissy MChrissy M2 dager siden
  • Finn definitely!!

    MelMel2 dager siden
  • Finn:)

    Mokka TunaMokka Tuna2 dager siden
  • Finn!!!

    Rachel EspejoRachel Espejo2 dager siden
  • Great

    Flora GerardFlora Gerard2 dager siden
  • Finn

    Genesis AndreaGenesis Andrea2 dager siden
  • I vote for Finn!

    Diana BDiana B2 dager siden
  • Finn sounds Finn

    Ty FloydTy Floyd2 dager siden
  • Finn!!!!

    Sarah SkuchkoSarah Skuchko3 dager siden
  • Got to be Finn

    Tony MarshallTony Marshall3 dager siden
  • Finn!!!

    Stacy MorinStacy Morin3 dager siden
  • Finn! What a lovely name to go with Lenny.. stay safe, happy and healthy x

    Laura ConwayLaura Conway3 dager siden
  • Ben short for Benjamin

    Judy Ann HuntJudy Ann Hunt3 dager siden
  • Thank you

    Ron KanoffRon Kanoff3 dager siden
  • Bangs are out of date before you look beautiful w out them. I think everyone should get rid of bangs and refresh their look.

    Judy Ann HuntJudy Ann Hunt3 dager siden
  • Marlon!

    ryan templeryan temple3 dager siden
  • Happy to be a part of this 😊 I say Finn

    Karen ClarkeKaren Clarke3 dager siden
  • Two votes for Finn from my wife and I.

    Chjp 234Chjp 2343 dager siden
  • Finn

    youlackedyoulacked3 dager siden
  • Solomon is better 👍

    طلال طلالطلال طلال4 dager siden
  • Finn for sure

    MrCrookedOneMrCrookedOne4 dager siden
  • Finn sounds hella cute!!

    Georgie BrowneGeorgie Browne4 dager siden
  • FINN!!!

    S AS A4 dager siden
  • Finn!

    vquient21vquient214 dager siden
  • Finn for sure!!!

    Diane KriegerDiane Krieger4 dager siden
  • Finn!!!! 1000000%

    Maddiee obrienMaddiee obrien4 dager siden
  • Finn

    Mike LoughranMike Loughran4 dager siden
  • I voted for finn but I also like the name Marlon. Solomon sounds to uptight to be a sailor's son lol

    Samantha DoyleSamantha Doyle4 dager siden
  • Lenny and Finn I love it 💗💗💗

    Makynna PonterMakynna Ponter4 dager siden
  • Definitely Finn ! 🤔

    Tim McVickerTim McVicker4 dager siden
  • FINN

    Madison AbbateMadison Abbate4 dager siden
  • FINN!!!!!!!!!!

    samantha aaasamantha aaa4 dager siden
  • I like Finn or Marlon

    Lucy OsborneLucy Osborne4 dager siden
  • We Vote Finn

    ThaNikksThaNikks4 dager siden
  • Finnnnnñnnnnnn!!!!♡

    Chris VChris V4 dager siden
  • Finn or Marlin

    Harper PittHarper Pitt4 dager siden
  • Finn

    Fabienne van der MaleFabienne van der Male4 dager siden
  • i think finn is really nice

    Lea-Bella LikerLea-Bella Liker4 dager siden
  • I vote for Marlon!!

    Hiro ShimaHiro Shima5 dager siden
  • Finn! Like the Giants highway

    Lisa StarrLisa Starr5 dager siden
  • Darwin!

    Wiudiuhne LWiudiuhne L5 dager siden
  • Finn!!!!

    Erin BlackErin Black5 dager siden
  • Finn 😍

    Cassandra Castillo-LamarcheCassandra Castillo-Lamarche5 dager siden
  • Finn!

    She SadéShe Sadé5 dager siden
  • I grew up in Darwin (sailing off the beach catamarans) and while it has an interesting historical connection with Charles Darwin and separately it's uniqueness as the only city in half Australia's coastline I wouldn't recommend is a child's name - it can be quite divisive (unfortunately). I'm with Finn.

    Graham JacobGraham Jacob5 dager siden
  • finn

    Lachlan CarsonLachlan Carson5 dager siden
  • finn i vote finn dont look at my name

    Finn .PFinn .P5 dager siden
  • FINN!!!!🎉🎉🎉

    Nw46784Nw467845 dager siden
  • Finn and Lenny! Both have 2 N’s match perfectly together for your next water baby!

    Casey SimpkinsCasey Simpkins5 dager siden
  • Finn is a must !!!!!!

    Greg BakerGreg Baker5 dager siden
  • Marlin

    Heather BrowningHeather Browning5 dager siden
  • Finn!

    Mario PiergalliniMario Piergallini6 dager siden
  • “We haven’t felt to urge to leave”.. because they’re scammers and freeloaders! The island hasn’t made them leave yet so they’re going take advantage of freeloading off the island as long as they can! You have a sailboat meant for passages at sea! why don’t you actually try sailing in the ocean in stead of staying dock at a Marina? Why would any sponsor them by giving them a free sailboat that stays docked at Marinas? And how are people supposed to see what a boat can while docked? That boat sponsor just lost a lot of $$$ I’m not buying a boat that only shows the features while docked at a Marina!

    SpiveySpivey6 dager siden
  • Finn!!

    joan seibenickjoan seibenick6 dager siden
  • FInn is better than Darwin?!?

    DCCDCC6 dager siden
  • OMG girl u do have a very pretty baby bump! I am an L & D nurse and help alotta mommas birth their peanuts. DOnt hide it ever! You are holding life in that tummy and it is spectacular.

    always mealways me6 dager siden
  • FINN FINN FINN....ocean dwellers as yous are. It would be so appropriate.

    always mealways me6 dager siden
  • Marlon and Lenny would be so cute

    Bekka KeanBekka Kean6 dager siden
  • Finn

    Yvonne LafromboiseYvonne Lafromboise6 dager siden
  • Finn

    Bianca MoosebakerBianca Moosebaker6 dager siden
  • My Dream Life

    divakar bogapurapudivakar bogapurapu6 dager siden
  • Hello, I’ve just introduced my partner to your videos. And I’m trying to find the video where you talk about how you two met. Can you or someone help me remember the name of that video so I can show her. Cheers

    Jason CannonJason Cannon6 dager siden
  • FINN

    HeidiHeidi6 dager siden
  • Have you thought of throwing the names into a hat and asking Lenny to pick one out? Cheers guys!

    Greg BrownGreg Brown7 dager siden
  • Finn!!

    Denene GuessDenene Guess7 dager siden
  • I vote for Marlon or Finnley short version Finn. 😉

    Simone SennSimone Senn7 dager siden
  • Wonderful episode and so great to see Nikki again! ❤️❤️❤️

    Julz AmidalaJulz Amidala7 dager siden
  • We are loving following you! Our 3 adult sons are all following. We vote for ‘Finn’! Stay safe from 🇨🇦❤️

    Tanya ClarkeTanya Clarke7 dager siden
  • Finn!!!

    Caroline SherrattCaroline Sherratt7 dager siden
  • Love watch your channel, been watching for years. Got me interested in boating but I'm a power boater. I think you should call the new baby Finn since your always on the water. Have a great weekend. Rick

    Rick BrownRick Brown7 dager siden
  • Finn

    laurie holcomblaurie holcomb7 dager siden
  • Finn!!!!

    Maggie CalleryMaggie Callery7 dager siden
  • FINNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!

    Dan FinneganDan Finnegan7 dager siden
  • Finn

    Rhonda GossettRhonda Gossett7 dager siden
  • Lenny and Finn has quite to mischievous children's stories vibe to it

    Britton CarlileBritton Carlile7 dager siden
  • Definitely marlin or Finn but he’s you’re baby so you pick

    Dylan SamwaysDylan Samways7 dager siden
  • Finn! Super cute!

    Jill PrindleJill Prindle7 dager siden
  • Call her Piper, Lenny and Piper

    thomas ammannthomas ammann7 dager siden
  • Finn definitely

    Julia IbelingsJulia Ibelings7 dager siden
  • Solomon :)

    Robert J. MscRobert J. Msc7 dager siden
  • Darwin

    dean buttigiegdean buttigieg7 dager siden
  • Name him when he arrives 🤩 really hope your next boat has a trampoline!!

    Karmen VolminkKarmen Volmink7 dager siden
  • I vote Finn!!

    Mackenzie ParkerMackenzie Parker7 dager siden
  • Finn is a great name! Question: all the boats in the harbor with masts lit up like skyscrapers, why? Vanity or safety? I was anchored for a few nights enjoying myself until a vanity boat anchored very close, and then left his underwater disco tech lights on all night that radiated through my boat each time his boat swayed. What next disco balls as anchor lights?

    tvonzwecktvonzweck7 dager siden
  • FINN!!!!! ❤

    92madde92madde7 dager siden
  • I reckon finn

    Holly WaiteHolly Waite7 dager siden