BOAT LIFE: Elaynas Friend comes to Stay! Ep. 220

21. okt.. 2019
2 211 972 Ganger

Checkout my beautiful friend Sjana on NOworld!
And she's on Insta too:
Song Credits:
00:00 Demi Mitchell - Rapid
02:07 The Dwelling Light - Autumn
05:22 This Is All It Takes - Jon Magnusson
07:51 Crimson - Andrew Rothschild
09:00 - Oiné ensamble - Tarantella Araba -
10:37 Rafart & Ramya - Magic Concepts - Electronic Indian classical
13:04 Castles Fall - Trent Herzman
Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!!
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  • Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed the episode. If you'd like to keep them coming, please consider supporting them through Thanks for your support xo

    Sailing La VagabondeSailing La VagabondeÅr siden
    • You have a beautiful family! Be careful, have fun!

      Nom DeguerNom DeguerÅr siden
    • Why in the name of God would you folks want to go to New York in the middle of winter time?

      Desmond hume distillers lifeDesmond hume distillers lifeÅr siden
    • “He’s never seen so many people” Wish I saw this as a lot of people hehe. But I live in Perth! Peaceful life for little Lenny ❤️

      Patch WallyPatch WallyÅr siden
    • Dear travellers, love to see your videos and adventures.. can you inform which program you use for posting and working your videos.. thanks in advance.

      FJBM BlaasFJBM BlaasÅr siden
    • I'm very upset and i don't know how you could let this happen, please stop letting Lenny grow!!! He's growing so fast!! Hahhha love you guys, stay healthy and happy xoxoxoxooxoxoxo

      Jade van AngerenJade van AngerenÅr siden
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    Ramlah RadimanRamlah RadimanMåned siden
  • Everyone is so beautfiful

    Derek RedwoodDerek RedwoodMåned siden
  • Bn planning an OE on a bike and bn worried about ‘unsavoury ‘ types in diff countries but I guess the same is to be said about travel by sea except the biggest problem IS the rough seas! All the best. Great vids

    rob langerob langeMåned siden
  • Around 9:06 something went wrong with my video progress bar and I got fixated on it.

    S-TraderS-TraderMåned siden
  • Good motto Sjana, nothing better than dessert first 😋 it’s the best thing to do while dinner’s cooking

    Keern HaslemKeern HaslemMåned siden
  • Jump to 10:30 for the Bunz.

    Champion CyclesChampion CyclesMåned siden
  • wow

    fly.w4vyfly.w4vyMåned siden
  • Wow! Is it my imagination, or are you guys using especially long flippers? I like your videos

    Richard RoseRichard Rose2 måneder siden
  • Know jaws beach well

    Deborah HofferDeborah Hoffer2 måneder siden
  • I live in Nassau

    Deborah HofferDeborah Hoffer2 måneder siden
  • What a life

    Deborah HofferDeborah Hoffer2 måneder siden
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  • Where is this spot with the statue ? Beautiful.

    Suky CannonSuky Cannon2 måneder siden
  • Re watching their videos 🥰🥰

    Shay JaydeShay Jayde3 måneder siden
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    Ephie HymerEphie Hymer3 måneder siden
  • lenny is going to have next nevel balance..

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  • Definitely one of the best episodes. That was just... fantastic.

    Surface ReflectionSurface Reflection3 måneder siden
  • Loving the beetle bonnet.

    Ken RehillKen Rehill4 måneder siden
  • Guy sailing boat: “I need to meet the new girl, she’s never worked on a boat, even out like this, prolly can’t help us much.” Meets girl... “HELL YEAH SHE CAN STAY, GREAT GIRL, GOTTA LOT TO OFFER”.

    Mike WoodsonMike Woodson4 måneder siden
  • Im only a few min in but turned to the comments to Find exactly what i was thinking. Holy smokes , dannnnnngggg, fair play Riley

    Mark O'LearyMark O'Leary4 måneder siden
  • Lenny clearly loves his Mum. ;)

    AirborneRanger - RetAirborneRanger - Ret4 måneder siden
  • You haven't lived till you've been a weird boat kid

    Air PlaneAir Plane4 måneder siden
  • The coolest Parents on Earth 😊

    K JonssonK Jonsson4 måneder siden
  • your little man is adorable!!

    Living in an adventureLiving in an adventure5 måneder siden
  • Awwwww, Lenny is so cute. Reminds me of my boy, tho he’s a bit (much) bigger.

    Slashley gibbinsSlashley gibbins5 måneder siden
  • Another stone cold Baddie. Damn.

    Anodyne Hipster InfluencerAnodyne Hipster Influencer5 måneder siden
  • 🙂👍

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  • News flash...!!!! You're a civilian yourself miss lady..

    iTs InulateriTs Inulater5 måneder siden
  • great mind and body come together

    Life Western AustraliaLife Western Australia5 måneder siden
  • Your all here for 9:05

    little red riding hoodlittle red riding hood5 måneder siden
  • Aussies yeah!

    cnyap1cnyap15 måneder siden
  • CC is getting better and better when Elayna said:”...and this is our home La Vagabonde” the CC translated: “and this is our harem live in Gabon”! Hahaha.

    AgustAgust6 måneder siden
  • 2 now? I am watching.

    k4vudk4vud6 måneder siden
  • A bit of a long shot but does anyone know the song in the background at 1:04 think its on the radio maybe.

    initman01initman017 måneder siden
  • the woman in this video. mmm nice!

    bob69075bob690757 måneder siden
  • don't hate me cause i'm beautiful, don't hate because we're in paradise, anywhoo after i read some other comments mine was; beautiful friend; fam and in paradise, wanna do, so good on u and the kids washing her Diarnas hair at end, awww beuty, yea relax if stressed, just watched a thing by ben fogle on cats like u and very cool, at this time i shall seriously think about supporting you

    blair jones nz aublair jones nz au8 måneder siden
  • Lucky guy

    man kidalman kidal9 måneder siden
  • Two girls one guy an a baby.

    Mike nMike n9 måneder siden
  • Miss the old style of videos. Less music and whatnot

    Edouard G.Edouard G.9 måneder siden
  • naughty girl scaring him like that i think somebody needs a spanking lol

    freebird1ificationfreebird1ification9 måneder siden
  • 8878%8q8%iiqi2i2wii2i2ii2i2i2i22ii2iwiwiwi^ii^i^i^ii^i^>wiwi^iwiiwi2i2i2ii2i22ii2i2ii2>22ii22ii2i2i2iii^i^ii^i^2ii22ii2i{22{o22oo2o2o2o22o2oooo2o2o2o2

    elsa simelsa sim9 måneder siden
  • So glad to be a part of your journey⛵️🏖 10 or so episodes in so far

    Bill StockholmBill Stockholm9 måneder siden
  • The 2 girls snorkeling look so fine and so natural , like mermaids would look in a dream !

    Stephen DuquetteStephen Duquette9 måneder siden
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    สุทิพสุคนธ์ ปานถาวรสุทิพสุคนธ์ ปานถาวร10 måneder siden
  • Lenny needs sun glasses

    Phil Jamie RossPhil Jamie Ross10 måneder siden
  • Love from Pakistan

    Qamar KhurshidQamar Khurshid10 måneder siden
  • Elaynas friend should of stayed a little longer.. she was cute! HaA

    Liam ScottLiam Scott10 måneder siden
  • Seeing how fast lenny grows in each video really brings into prospective how time goes for you guys. 6 weeks for us is 6months for you guys. We only see 15mins of a month. Pretty crazy.

    Liam ScottLiam Scott10 måneder siden
  • I bought some long fins or as they are called 'hunter fins' last summer and am amazed how rapidly one can accelerate. I actually caught a large carp in my hands in lake Geneva and it was surprised so I let it go then caught it again...and the look on its face was hilarious. I can't wait to get back to Thailand for sea swims.

    Steve MorseSteve Morse10 måneder siden
  • minut 13 one for dad one for leny hahahahahahahah cooll man god bless you all great hugh from Brazil

  • What online learning/education website was it that you guys recommended? I can't remember what video you mentioned it in and I want to try it out.

    Zachary DeNiscoZachary DeNisco10 måneder siden
  • This is the first channel I have subscribed may god bless u

    mpnr3645mpnr364511 måneder siden
  • please... write your text bro...

    Helmi BasyuniHelmi Basyuni11 måneder siden
  • This ep. has some the BEST underwater shots accompanied with simply put; AWESOME music. Well done Elayna!

    Gregii fliegerGregii flieger11 måneder siden
  • The real bermuda triangle

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  • riley you lucky bastard

    willie amgurbwillie amgurb11 måneder siden
  • You're not free sailing. Greta a board is confirmation.

    James KennedyJames Kennedy11 måneder siden
  • I am convinced !!!! all your friends are beautiful

    Chicky KahnChicky KahnÅr siden
  • 0:21 “this is a harem” 😂

    M 3M 3År siden
  • Another great clip guys. Love your work. Greetings from Sydney.

    Gary HughesGary HughesÅr siden
  • Well, 😜we all know who just got wax.

    erinn kemperinn kempÅr siden
  • top vid. thanks :)

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  • Great to see more Aussies out in the world loving life.

    CineChimpCineChimpÅr siden
  • Real impressed with your sailing skills for sure.

  • 12:10 beautiful

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  • ^ ultimate weapon exposes lies, JOIN NOW!!!

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  • are those bikinis... legal?

    ZychoZychoÅr siden
  • Why is Lenny not wearing a vest at all times actually...??

    ZychoZychoÅr siden
  • I am not envious at all! much.

    Kevin NicksKevin NicksÅr siden
  • What a great channel! I subbed. Also, the new friend on board is an absolute stunner!!!

    Josh ChristianeJosh ChristianeÅr siden
  • Elaina how did you manage to keep your shape so great after having the baby ? I know yoga diet or just super dna 👍🏽

    Joseph TonozziJoseph TonozziÅr siden
  • Wishing bikini string would break.

    Michael ThomasMichael ThomasÅr siden
  • It’s sad once Lenny gets old you guys might have to stop doing videos for education

    RGrandomGamesRGrandomGamesÅr siden
  • Your Friend LIFTing up to views :)))

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  • A beautiful video about a trip on a yacht. Beautiful views underwater and on the water. Beautiful girls on a yacht. On my channel you can also see a trip to the Adriatic, аnd beautiful girls on the beaches of the Adriatic Sea.

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  • Hey Lenny, where ya from? Umm,.....Earth.

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  • Nice Scare El!!!!!

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  • Nice Scare El!!!!!

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  • Dont know why NOworld suggested this...but thanks algorithms...cuz id marry that her energy and that smile...

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  • Hey Riley, Lenny's not your kid.just say en.

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  • Mad respect on both acorord, you both are super amazing..super powers go!

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  • Nobody would bother to watch this if the woman were ordinary or ugly.

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  • I wonder what she means when she says wierd boat kid?

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  • Proof positive that the lot of us are perverts - Alena's Yoga goddess Sjana is the highest watched video in the library haha. Animals - 8o)

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