BOAT LIFE: Sailing Around the World with a 2 yo.

1. mars. 2021
553 109 Ganger

#292 This is boat life and our little Lenny is not so little any more, we're having a special day for his second birthday. His addiction to wheels has us sailing to find a road, any road, to play with his new present, and the Canaries is kinda making that a bit difficult for us.
We've attached Captain Jack to the helm as we get on a boat to the lonely island of La Gomera. Join us as we get back to the boat and find out the plans for the big Atlantic crossing. We're changing it up with some late changes to the line-up so stay tuned for the big news.
And could it be, a miracle cure for seasickness? Just stop saying placebo or it won't work dammit... 🤞

Song Credits:
00:00 - 01:58 Jack and the Weatherman - Till The Sun Comes Up (Instrumental Version)
01:58 - 03:26 Young Robin - Tropical Punch
03:27 - 04:04 Redeemin' - All I Want is a Condo In Lap - Epidemic Sound
04:20 - 05:52 Jack Bratt - Spades
05:53 - 06:23 James Walker - Reoccurence (Instrumental Version)
06:44 - 08:16 Jack Esme - Get to Me
09:06 - 09:48 Beulah - Little Ship
09:49 - 13:13 Mojo JNR - Peach Out
13:45 - 14:17 Chelou - White Walls
15:00 - 16:36 Jobil - Rare Rocks That Look Like David Letterman -
16:51 - 18:03 Cat - Very Much A Lot
19:06 - 22:36 Gotam Sen - The Flowers
23:38 - 24:49 Jack Esme - Bitter Light
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  • Happy birthday Lenny!🐳🐡 🎂🍭🍦

    Linda WentinkLinda Wentink11 minutter siden
  • I need an Andre in my life to build all my kid gadgets! He's so helpful and kind :) happy birthday Lenny boy ❤️

    Terra Rae TaylorTerra Rae Taylor19 timer siden
  • Wait I’m so confused, when was this filmed? Isn’t Lenny’s birthday in December?

    Fanny BFanny B2 dager siden
  • Happy birthday Lenny 🥳🥰

    Ezel TurkEzel Turk5 dager siden
  • Aloha from Kauai I was wondering where you got that button up shirt you were wearing for lenny's bday? I like it alot 🤙

    Kristian BonisKristian Bonis8 dager siden
  • That’s a burrito ! ;-)

    Richard A. ValdesRichard A. Valdes8 dager siden
  • Do U guys ever run into pirates?

    Mickaela S.LMickaela S.L9 dager siden
  • y know, I was thinking at 7:00 that Riley really sounds like Jack Sparrow sometimes.

    Bernard KariukiBernard Kariuki9 dager siden
  • What’s up with Lenny when he freaks out and starts screaming?

    Scott DavidsonScott Davidson9 dager siden
  • Why aren't you dragging a life line?

    George BakerGeorge Baker13 dager siden
  • Crazy how much he grew up I remember watching you guys when he was just a couple months old. I’m just now starting to watch y’all again. Hope all is well!

    Ben DoverBen Dover14 dager siden
  • I watched so many of your videos the last two years and lost the channel I finally found it again so glad I feel like I’m missed so much he’s so cute and grown so much 😍😍😍😍

    Mollie LouiseMollie Louise18 dager siden
  • Speaking of rings.I was up North camping, and a guy jumped out of the drivers seat in a boat with an aluminum lined windshield and caught his wedding ring on the metal border.Cleaned the finger right off.Nasty injury.

    Mike FlemingMike Fleming18 dager siden
  • Happy Birthday to Lenny...he's a cute boy!

    John TatumJohn Tatum20 dager siden
  • So does Elayna ever get a break from taking care of a child? Or is it just Riley. ._.

    Few of my favorite thingsFew of my favorite things25 dager siden
  • where we are going, we don't need roads

    A SeeA See25 dager siden
  • As a bald guy.... that looks like the absolute best way to shave your head and I'm sad I'll probably never get the chance to do that.

    Thomas PerezThomas Perez26 dager siden
  • Loved this one and so happy that Jack and Andre are sailing with you . Now we all won’t worry so much 😃

    David mansfieldDavid mansfield27 dager siden
  • Wait a second? Is he doing the Atlantic crossing solo?

    Ida PodrugIda Podrug29 dager siden
  • Good luck

    John SmithJohn Smith29 dager siden
  • Where is bob sanity

    Pat YandellPat YandellMåned siden
  • Bye

    Stig AnderssonStig AnderssonMåned siden
  • Happy birthday Lenny. He is your mini me dad

    Glenda SaboGlenda SaboMåned siden
  • Are y’all buying another catamaran?

    Sarah HoltSarah HoltMåned siden
  • IM SO GLAD they are going with you!! I don’t think you shd ever sail across an ocean ALONE!! Especially as a dad & hubby!!

    Sarah HoltSarah HoltMåned siden
  • Can someone tell me if Riley is gonna sail across alone? I thought I saw a video where theytook off and Andre and the other mate was with them???

    Sarah HoltSarah HoltMåned siden
  • I'm a week behind but happy b day to your precious son. Maby the fish are also in quarantine. Oh and Riley if you pee more in the ocean it gets deeper🤣

    Captain PriceCaptain PriceMåned siden
  • What relief bands are you using Elayna? Asking for a friend

    Betsy SauerBetsy SauerMåned siden
  • Andre is such a legend, we need a q and a with him 😎

    StephenStephenMåned siden
  • U guys should just use a nail file on Lenny nails so it’s won’t freak him out so much! I do it with my kids and we have no freak out moments.

    Dallas StewartDallas StewartMåned siden
  • Good old Lenny. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

    taxalterrortaxalterrorMåned siden
  • Six years later and i am still wondering who is downvoting these videos.

    boombapboomboombapboomMåned siden
    • There maybe some newbie downvoters after the Greta crossing. Which BTW, was a terrific offer and subsequent trip for them all !

      RockinbrRockinbr16 dager siden
  • Aww, happy belated birthday Lenny Boy, you sweet little pumpkin💙 May you have 100 more, each happier than the year before.

    Tiffiny HarringtonTiffiny HarringtonMåned siden
  • Okay! Be honest who else found themselves singing "Happy Birthday" to Lenny? The drone shots and the underwater shots were fantastic. Thank goodness that Riley won't be alone in the Atlantic crossing but, with two very accomplished sailors who are also two great guys. God Bless and Thank you for sharing Lenny's birthday with us.

    Jerry FrederickJerry FrederickMåned siden
  • don't look like a baby... I remember you in your mums belly... your a beautiful soul Lenny.

    nna totaronna totaroMåned siden
  • Happy Birthday Lenny and congrats on being the #1 NOworld sailing adventure most subscribers on NOworld very happy for you all

    karl watsonkarl watsonMåned siden
  • I follow this series intermittently and I can’t help but think that Riley is running off with his buddies to party saddling his wife with their two-year-old for several weeks. Having not seen this series for more than a year, despite deliberate cheerfulness and being very well-dressed, Elena is looking neither healthy nor as happy as she used to. IMHO, she puts on a brave face.

    bamkablambamkablamMåned siden
  • Me and my wife loved watching your story. Congratulations on your son's birthday. Since me and my wife are devout Christians, we don't want to watch shows that uses the Lord's name in vain. We've noticed that it has become commonplace to use the phrase "Oh my G.." by so many people all the time and suddenly I noticed it once or twice on your show. I'm sure it's unintended and in no way used to offend Christians, although we do find it offensive. I'm asking, to please refrain from using the Lord's name in vain on your show, we will really appreciate it and would like to continue watching your show.

    Laubcher van ZylLaubcher van ZylMåned siden
  • Hi guys my name is Oscar and I'm 13 years old I have watched your videos for a while and I have a Dream to sail around the world when I'm older, just like you!!! Thank you for your Inspiration.

    Oscar WayOscar WayMåned siden
  • Yeet🔥🥦

    Wookie CookieWookie CookieMåned siden
  • When are you guys coming back? Hope everything is OK.

    Marybeth LambertMarybeth LambertMåned siden
  • Happy Birthday Lenny!

    jocknomorejocknomoreMåned siden
  • Happy Birthday Lenny 👣

    Adam HalikosAdam HalikosMåned siden
  • When will you get more sarongs?

    Sunny Hawk AdventuresSunny Hawk AdventuresMåned siden
  • Those who have the live bait never failed to get fish any day, I am surprised you don't have cast net to catch bait fish.

    Zaki AdamZaki AdamMåned siden
  • After living on a sailboat his entire life, Lenny should have impeccable balance for that bike! I got both my nephews one at 2 years old and they got it down in no time. A little hesitant at first, but picked it up quickly. Happy Birthday Lenny!

    OhhStateOhhStateMåned siden
  • Channeling a bit of YBS with the "that's a wrap"!!

    Clint AClint AMåned siden
    • And then the "fire" lol

      Clint AClint AMåned siden
  • Happy Birthday lenny ❤ God Bless you always baby boy! Muah

    Alonahbaby! BonjocAlonahbaby! BonjocMåned siden
  • Best video in a long time, absolutely loved this one. Belated birthday wishes Lenny

    Andrea ClerkinAndrea ClerkinMåned siden
  • Yep HB Lenny. Might ask for a helmet ⛑️ , knee, elbow & wrist pads, gloves 🧤 and ringer bell 🔔/horn 📯/whistle 😙 . Basically a skateboard 🛹 er kit. Hurts less if you fall while learning. A bit more like American football 🏈, falling is okay. Accessorize mate. Glad came to senses about solo, got family to think about, even parasailing/soaring, whatever that's called now. And I'm guessing Lenny will have a little Sister... (Hedging bet: If not this time next...)

    danceswithcarsdcdanceswithcarsdcMåned siden
  • Happy Birthday lovely Lenny!

    J BJ BMåned siden
  • Corona sponsored much ??!! 🤣🤣🤣

    J BJ BMåned siden
  • heres an inflammatory idea-!: lets give andre his own payment channel, hehehehhe/ cause I like yer vids, but they are so much better when he's providing Mate's Duties/ Let's keep that game on.

    Ben MundayBen MundayMåned siden
  • andre is key. yer not publishing him correctly. ridiculous captaining.

    Ben MundayBen MundayMåned siden
  • Andre reminds me of Jacob from the Twilight Saga, in looks and his gently protective nature.

    Victoria WalkerVictoria WalkerMåned siden
  • At a quick glance, I thought Riley got caught in a hurricane:

    me2onthenetme2onthenetMåned siden
  • What happened to Abbey???

    Grant JasperGrant JasperMåned siden
  • I have never seen YT videos as well recorded and produced as yours. Fascinating!

    a1ana1anMåned siden
  • Happy Birthday Lenny♥️

    Marnie NormanMarnie NormanMåned siden
  • So, Riley goes through all the effort to teach Lenny counting to ten, and when Lenny succeeds, he holds up ten fingers and says "high five" ...

    forgalzz7forgalzz7Måned siden
  • Happy Birthday Lenny!!

    ShellyShellyMåned siden
  • Great watching

    Ken LeachKen LeachMåned siden
  • Why no talk about the new baby? did i miss something?

    Matthew FergusonMatthew FergusonMåned siden
  • It's your birthday 🎉 Lenny! I made a birthday cake for you Lenny, then I ate it with my grandbabies. I hope you like strawberry., yum, yum. Happy Birthday mini pirate!😊

    Andrea LaLocaAndrea LaLocaMåned siden
  • how many push-ups u do 20:08 in a row? if its under 30 u are not fit.

    agradinaagradinaMåned siden
  • daddy will be a MAN one day

    patcha mamapatcha mamaMåned siden
  • j'ai adoré votre rejeton se faire gratter le cerveau ! ! !

    patcha mamapatcha mamaMåned siden
  • en France nous avons un problème qui n'est lié au réchauffement de la planète notre souci, c'est une régression de QI général ! ! ! c'est incroyable le nombres de cons qui sortent de nos écoles !

    patcha mamapatcha mamaMåned siden
  • fucking texas harpp snow

    patcha mamapatcha mamaMåned siden
  • y love the billion beer cap baby

    patcha mamapatcha mamaMåned siden
  • fucking global warming come not of your fuckin mind !

    patcha mamapatcha mamaMåned siden

    patcha mamapatcha mamaMåned siden
  • 1969 the awakening

    patcha mamapatcha mamaMåned siden
  • the planDEMIC lockstep rockefeller

    patcha mamapatcha mamaMåned siden
  • cut the back of Lenny's hair and sacrifice it to the Mullet Gods

    seiom jvonyseiom jvonyMåned siden

    J TJ TMåned siden
  • Thank god I have you! After I lost my sweet son in a motorcycle accident on my birthday last November it’s been hard to laugh. I can tell you this episode had me gut wrenching in laughter!

    A RicA RicMåned siden
  • Happy Birthday Lenny! Can’t believe 2 yrs flew by that fast

    M1mavicM1mavicMåned siden
    • Happy birthday Lenny !👏🎂❤️🇹🇷

      seiom jvonyseiom jvonyMåned siden
  • “He really does need to spend some time away right now”? You guys are really starting to worry me 🥺

    Bruce StewartBruce StewartMåned siden
  • great episode

    VincentB1997VincentB1997Måned siden
  • I can always count on a treat, when I poke my head in here. Andre and Jack are cuties.....but that little Lenny is gonna be a heartbreaker. Happy Birthday, Lenny!

    TruthNoLieTruthNoLieMåned siden
  • 11:12 Where exactly are those air bubbles coming from? :)

    Dave LyonDave LyonMåned siden
  • Great to know that you are having a few mates with you on the crossing. Solo sucks after a few days. Much more fun with a few buds with you.

    Bruce DemoranvilleBruce DemoranvilleMåned siden
  • Sailing or stationary 🤔

    SpiveySpiveyMåned siden
  • Hi Elyna and Riley, I'm in Grenada too. Will you be harboured in Woburn, Prickly Bay or Gran Anse?

    TTMåned siden
  • i love this channel, keeps me dreaming, thank you and keep it up! :)

    BobaBobaMåned siden
  • Just beautiful

    Tazmin KhanTazmin KhanMåned siden
  • We call no pedal bikes, balance bikes in the UK. Great way to start cycling.........

    Geoff NewmanGeoff NewmanMåned siden
  • Bonjour La Vagabone from a very cold Montreal day today, -20 with the wind today ! iaks ... I was a boat owner for 12 years, had 2 kids that sailed all of Lac Champlain every summer. We are now ''boat less'' until the kids get in their 20s and am getting ready to semi retire. Your lifestyle is what we had planned for until the financial crash of 2009, so we had to wait a while and missed the window of doing this with our own kids, so seeing you guys doing it and being able to provide such great video footage is a blessing, thanks and enjoy. Happy birthday Lenny.

    Sylvain TasseSylvain TasseMåned siden
  • Lenny is just the best! Love how happy he is and can't wait to see him tear up the roads with that bike!

    J SJ SMåned siden
  • Lenny had grown so much

    Lily YueLily YueMåned siden
  • i must know what raybans those are!

    Lily DicksonLily DicksonMåned siden
  • Happy birthday Lenny !👏🎂❤️🇹🇷

    Ali ÖzAli ÖzMåned siden
  • That’s a ‘balance bike’, our Grandson Harry had one when he was two. Happy Birthday, Lennie!

    The Begg Family AnticsThe Begg Family AnticsMåned siden
  • Anyone else spy the fart at 11:13

    Harriet KnightHarriet KnightMåned siden
  • Happy Birthday special little man.

    Genie ClarkeGenie ClarkeMåned siden
  • The relief band sits on the same spot as acupuncture point, when I get extreme nausea I just apply pressure to the point about 10 mins and it goes away, another cure that they have done research on and as a nurse I have tried is smelling alcowipes, this actually works . Hope you get some relief 💝

    Brissy girlBrissy girlMåned siden
  • Whe are we all getting the "Lennys greatest growls" video? Weve been waiting two years.

    Cole MCole MMåned siden
  • Lennys first thought upon seeing a bike..."What the hell am I going to do with this on a boat?"

    Cole MCole MMåned siden
  • so, it's calm in Atlantic now)

    5kopiyok5kopiyokMåned siden