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  • That time we feared Riley had broken his neck mid Atlantic Crossing - you can watch it here: noworld.info/video/video/zJS-guCP17eWqrM.html

    Sailing La VagabondeSailing La Vagabonde19 dager siden
    • I really appreciate you sharing this dramatic event. It puts things in perspective, showing the less happy moments. The same when you explained full of emotion how the Corona situation impacts your planning the trips, chasing happy times. Thanks Riley!

      FredFred3 dager siden
    • Can't find Jack's contact data to maybe hit him up for some sailing lessons! Is he based in Croatia? I'm from a neighboring country, and it would be awesome if we could make something happen. Thx

      AwesomeSauceAwesomeSauce11 dager siden
    • I broke my C2 surfing in 2020. What that would be like if it happened out in the middle of the ocean would be the stuff of nightmares! Anyone who questions the intensity of that or your integrity in sharing it is a desktop flog who is not worth your time nor emotional energy. Move on mate......

      Jeremy PalmerJeremy Palmer13 dager siden
    • I remember watching that sequence of videos and thinking it felt very real. Elayna's and your distress seemed quite genuine. It was truly compelling and important. If anything, realizing that you split the entire sequence into several episodes felt reassuring, not staged or manipulative. To be blunt, logically it seemed that if you were paralyzed and not ever to walk again, you wouldn't have presented it like that. So, ironically, the old trope that you can't kill off the main character took a bit of tension off the viewer's experience. You presented it quite craftily and honestly. So thanks for that. Hey, for some reason, the time you hit your head scared me worse. That was just fuckin' terrifying. That could have gone the other way but for one instinct to grab the rope. I'm not too keen to watch that one again. Anyway, cheers!

      Michael BosoMichael Boso15 dager siden
    • I understand that fear when you've injured yourself seriously, especially losing control and feeling to a limb(s). I broke several vertebra, my pelvis and left femur in a mx crash. I lost feeling in my legs for a short period and faced quite a few hurdles while recovering. I know you know that feeling/fear when it initially happens and you wonder how your life will be in a wheelchair or w/o the use of an arm in your case. You wonder how much life will change and can you remain happy, active and go on living "normally". I can tell you my doctors have said more surgeries will happen as I age and that it's super important to stay in shape. I feel lucky as I'm pretty much back to normal, but I'll never forget that moment in time...as I'm sure you won't as well. Best of luck mate!

      Thunder ChickenThunder Chicken15 dager siden
  • We were following videos 'real time' when the broken neck scare happened. Never once did it come across as hamming it up or putting us on. That was real --and scary. We went to bed praying for you guys and waiting /hoping for good news. I think any real viewers, who aren't trolls, understand how videos are produced. There's no construct of time when it comes to positive prayers, energy, or vibes. Feels like we're all in it with you--- some from the comfort of our couch albeit, but together nonetheless. The tears and pain were absolutely heartbreaking. This journey is so magical. Thank you guys so much for the ride. Can't wait for what's to come~~❤️

    Terra Rae TaylorTerra Rae Taylor18 timer siden
  • ooo Polish music, I am from Poland and it is so cool to hear something familiar thank u :) zajebiście, że ktoś słucha polskiej muzyki.

    karolina maciołekkarolina maciołek2 dager siden
  • One of your best videos yet.

    Ryan HallRyan Hall2 dager siden
  • So glad you had comradeship out there Riley. I have only just seen your boat has a tiller and wheel. How, what, why?! Great video.

    x yx y3 dager siden
  • when you drag things out what do you expect

    Justyn BeaumontJustyn Beaumont3 dager siden
  • Speaking of getting injured; One of the most common ways that people get killed or maimed on a sailboat is by being hit by the boom. You appear to have your preventer rigged incorrectly. A proper preventer is rigged only one way, and that is from the boom to as far forward as you can get it on the bow, and then back to a winch in the cockpit. The engineering math tells you exactly how much higher the loads are on an amidships preventer in comparison to a proper bow preventer, thanks to an accident report by Maritime New Zealand, we now know that the former multiplies the sail load by at least 12 as against only a little over two for the proper bow preventer. www.morganscloud.com/2018/10/02/amidships-preventers-a-bad-idea-that-can-kill/ Stay safe mate

    James GreenwaldJames Greenwald3 dager siden
  • The coolest people om earth! 🎉🥞🙏

    K JonssonK Jonsson3 dager siden
  • I say your a funney man lol I see you like that man of up in smoke lol on tv lol

    Vivian BondVivian Bond3 dager siden
  • On any adventure you always have to remember to not feed the trolls... :-)

    Joel MoodieJoel Moodie4 dager siden
  • Don't pay attention to those Trolls Riley, cause that's what they are saying that BS about your neck injury and that video.

    Dane BurrDane Burr4 dager siden
  • some women... this one seems to be a real pain and I hope he sees her for what she is high maintenance blood sucker..these types just cant get enough ..man... good luck with this one..

    Dennis MuschDennis Musch5 dager siden
  • For people to write that you were disingenuous on your North Atlantic crossing, with injuries sustained, it would seem they aren’t much of a judge of character. You both seem pretty down to earth, with integrity and honesty central to your core. I’m loving the content and will watch with anticipation for your next adventure....... lastly, stay safe, I’m cheering for you all the way.

    Shane CavellShane Cavell5 dager siden
  • tinyurl.com/snaphotvp1p7 Tuttavia, non bisogna dimenticare che la convinzione di alcuni oppositori fissa senza ambiguita la necessita di un ragionamento profondo. E anche gli schemi di collegamento possono essere verificati in modo tempestivo.! 排他的に合成的に開始されたインターネット分析に基づいて導き出された結論が、機能的に独立した要素に分離されている理由を言うのは難しいです!ユーザーエクスペリエンスを向上させるための私たちの探求では、分析主導の洞察は、理由に対するマーケティングの典型的な勝利にすぎず、独自の合理的な制約の範囲内で締め出されなければならないという事実を見逃しています。しかし、組織の既存の構造は、その古典的な見方では、標準的なアプローチの導入を可能にします。既存の理論は、その規模と壮大さにおいて印象的な実験の定義と改良を必要とします。

    Ana TaylorAna Taylor7 dager siden
  • There just dead set grubs mate. You and your family couldn't be more genuine. 🍻

    Tom BroughTom Brough7 dager siden
  • Greetings from Poland! Thank for the song!

    Lukas 3dLukas 3d7 dager siden
  • I think it’s fair to say that mean comments have no place in these videos. The travel vlogging community lost a member this week and bullying played a role. These are real people and they are making compelling content for you. If you don’t like it then watch something else! Don’t be rude and mean spirited!

    L BL B8 dager siden
  • Have been following since you started and have found you both to be very genuine people. Sharing as you do and showing your vulnerabilities is part of what makes you so endearing and makes you blog worth watching. Love you all.

    Andrew MartinAndrew Martin8 dager siden
  • You two are amazing and so BRAVE! There will always be those folks who for some reason, must feel the need to spread their negative vibes onto others. Cheers to you, your little family and all the wonderful crew members. Stay safe and take good care X0X0

    Deborah MartinDeborah Martin8 dager siden
  • Turn the volume down on those who don't deserve to speak into your life. Your appreciated by all of us whom understand what it takes. Thank you for your vulenerable and informative content

    michelle renemichelle rene8 dager siden
  • I'm certain your "1 in a 1000" bad comments is an over-estimate - it must be smaller, surely?! 1 in 10,000? 1 in 100,000? I suspect there is no cure to noticing the critical comments but be sure that by far the vast majority of humans enjoy your channel, admire what you do, love you guys, are delighted to watch whatever you are up to - good, bad or ugly! You exhibit the better parts of humanity. Long may it remain so

    NeilhunyNeilhuny8 dager siden
  • I remember watching the spinal injury video when it happened, I never doubted it for a second. I prayed for you but never commented. I was happy to see everything was OK after you got to the doctor's. Anyway, great channel, thank for sharing your life journey. I'm envious. Best regards, Brad

    Bradley T. BjerkenBradley T. Bjerken9 dager siden
  • Corona hoodie

    evo1 scevo1 sc9 dager siden
  • Proper awesome hoodie brother...💜💯🙏

    evo1 scevo1 sc9 dager siden
  • I never thought for a second you two were putting on a show with your neck, you are genuine people, it's why I watch your videos!

    DC_PhotogDC_Photog9 dager siden
  • Forget the Haters Riley, keep doing your thing with your Beautiful family my brother. You guys are doing an awesome job 👊🏻 Darren, Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹

    Darren Rishi NarineDarren Rishi Narine10 dager siden

    Steven GSteven G10 dager siden
  • TIme for some baggiewrinkles on the lazy jacks! What a fabulous video on your crossing! You can hear the joy you all are having sailing!

    coug96fancoug96fan10 dager siden
  • Ouch !.. I didn’t know you had broke your neck before.. I’m glad you’re ok now ! As for video taping that event , i see nothing wrong with that.. in fact, it’s admirable that y’all were “keeping it real” !

    Darren AdamsDarren Adams10 dager siden
  • Im not blowing any1s trumpet, juat a thanks for helping me and many other realise there dreams can be furfilled. Many emotions surface watching your journeys 😄😇

    Grant DuffyGrant Duffy11 dager siden
  • The thing with "Bad coments", i think, is a modern www phenomenon. If you have nearly 1.6 Mio viewers, you have 1500090 wich love ya all and 10....in germany we call them "Hafensänger" (Harboursingers) and we all have to deal with these Clowns. All the best, big hugs, to the whole family and Crew 🍻

    Michel laust der AffeMichel laust der Affe11 dager siden
  • Creepy, how there is a Band wrapped around a pair of 2000€ dynaudio highend speakers 🤣👍! Love your channel, sooo much!!!

    Michel laust der AffeMichel laust der Affe11 dager siden
  • I'm not sure I'd want to leave Australia if I had a spine susceptible to breaking at any time. Being at sea would be terrible to have it happen but then having your nearest port be some 3rd world country with no proper facilities would just compound it and make it so much worse.

    uglyduckling81uglyduckling8111 dager siden
  • Chafing the captain is chafed what do you think of ‘the black parl’ the big yaht with rotating masts?take care of your neak💪🏻

    Kevroo DenmanKevroo Denman11 dager siden
  • Just FYI the DEFCON levels for NORAD are 1 thru 5 with 1 being the worst... aka Cocked Pistol for US military exercises. The metaphorical DEFCON 7 (13:33) is going the wrong way for the situation you were in. That sucks about your back... scary stuff. Getting hurt while in a remote location is not ideal and a fear of mine...be careful out there.

    LandausProblemLandausProblem12 dager siden
  • Glad your crossing went well this time! Thanks for your content and what you do with sharing your journey!

    andrew marshandrew marsh12 dager siden
  • Didnt expect polish song :D

    draco morthdraco morth12 dager siden

    Dani MathewsDani Mathews12 dager siden
  • Love you guys....can you do a video on how to start sailing

    Trenton MarkhamTrenton Markham12 dager siden
  • Were those fish tuna? Looked like it! Delicious! I like watching your videos because you folks are pretty honest in your emotions and your camera work. In addition your camera work is beautiful. You let us vicariously experience what it would be like to be a sailing vagabond. Something I've only read about. With my own seasickness it probably wouldn't have been a good life choice for me, but watching you makes one appreciate what it would have been like. BTW I think you folks are great parents. As for your accident on the last Atlantic crossing, you really are one bad accident away from serious trouble. I'm glad you chose to bring two buddies along on this trip. That's smart. Wish I could have been one of them. :)

    Gary P.Gary P.12 dager siden
  • It's all good. Don't stress. It's just life. You guys are doing a great job! Justin

    Justin RiceJustin Rice13 dager siden
  • 6:40 I can hear polish music! Very nice! :-)

    Monika ZabzdyrMonika Zabzdyr13 dager siden
  • Regarding your injuries and how people reacted. I watch this channel because I enjoy sharing in the adventure. I've never spent days at sea, so I don't know what it's like to be in that situation so I can't judge. I've made my own questionable decisions in my life; risks, all in the name of fun and adventure and at the time they did seem like amazing ideas, but accidents happen and it resulted in injury (none as serious as yours fortunately). The thing is. hindsight is 20/20 as they say. There will always be those "hyper-intelligent individuals" who just know exactly how they would have reacted in that same situation and and and... It's difficult, but I try to ignore them, because there is absolutely no way to predict how you will react unless in that situation. I know how traumatizing it is to suddenly lose feeling and/or movement in some part of your body. You guys handled it pretty well compared to me.

    Trü TerTrü Ter13 dager siden
  • Also I love my new Vagabond T-shirt. Xxx

    Leonie Haas-ThompsonLeonie Haas-Thompson13 dager siden
  • We felt for you guys during the crossing with Elayna, we did not once even consider that you were hamming it up. We love your videos and coming from Australia as well, we just expect and know that you are honest. Maybe it’s a cultural thing.

    Leonie Haas-ThompsonLeonie Haas-Thompson13 dager siden
  • Wow, Polish tune at 05:53 - wasn't expecting that.

    Andy BrandtAndy Brandt13 dager siden
  • I was just thinking about all of the boat parts in polish (the language I learned it all in) and then you played that song... in polish. For a moment I thought that my brain has gone wild and I am mixing up languages again 😅 Thank you. It felt like home for a moment there, which is unique as due to covid I could not go home either. Living abroad since 2009, so I get the feeling of homesickness. You are not alone in this so let's all miss our home together; always a bit less lonely ❤️

    Zuz BZuz B14 dager siden
  • I think you’re all the most genuine people I’ve ever had the privilege of following. Your journey has brought amazing perspective of parts of the world I may never see. From the extravagant destinations, to the mundane walk through a random alleyway. Film And document everything. You’ll thank yourself many times over for listening to your gut. Thank you mate. -Will from Massachusetts,USA

    Will RannikkoWill Rannikko14 dager siden
  • You deserve a Oscar if you were putting that on. One of the biggest fears of a Skipper is crew being injured/seriously hurt as the knock on effect is huge for so many reasons... let alone then the skipper gets seriously injured. For anyone that isn’t aware imagine being in the middle of no where and your legs stop working so you cannot walk and your the only one that can walk pretty scary thought right... All 3 of you are doing what people only dream of and are honest to the core. Youhave inspired me to get back on the water after a year or so off so thank you 🌍🙏🏼❤️

    Ben ThackwellBen Thackwell14 dager siden
  • My heart is melting for the joy on Jacks face while making the cake, beautiful job mate!

    Manda MandariiniManda Mandariini14 dager siden
  • you're so brave for talking about it...I've had very serious health problems- a broken shoulder which led to bone infection- which made me have 18 surgeries and months and months of living in hospitals, sharing rooms with people I didn't know or particularly like- and most importantly feeling terrified that I'd never get or feel better and be independent again (at 29). Finally I had a prosthetic shoulder put in because they couldn't rescue the bone- and now I'll forever be scared of falling funny or dislocating it somehow. It's horrible. Brave of you for sharing that those comments hurt...of course they did. People are so quick to judge, especially with hidden injury. But anyone who had watched for a while can see that you guys care about your content and are good people. Especially loved what you did recently helping refugees! Stay positive!!!!

    laura-jane hicksonlaura-jane hickson14 dager siden
  • 5:54 How awesome with the Polish song!!!!! Who chose it?

    Rafal KiermaczRafal Kiermacz14 dager siden
  • Its amazing to see dreamy sea and hear a beautiful note starting arround 6:10 and then realising its a POLISH song! How did You found it!? HIGH FIVE from POLAND

    izifiziizifizi14 dager siden
  • Riley and Elayna, you guys may be content creators but what you do is show your real life to the world, and in real life comes good and bad. When you show us all the sides of what you do, it's important for us to see because although some of us may use watching your adventures as an escape from our real world, it's still your real world. Sadly people love to criticize others, and their favorite way to do it is by hiding behind a screen, criticizing things they would never have the courage to do. I remember seeing the episodes of your neck injury crossing the Atlantic and being very appreciative to you both for showing that, because what you do is difficult, and it's important to share all sides. It's easier said than done, but push away the negativity that people throw at you guys, at the end of the day, those people and their comments don't matter. What you do is hard and tiring, and also beautiful and fun, as long as it still brings you all joy, that's what matters. Thank you for showing us the many sides to sailing over the years, you are inspiration to many. Sending positive vibes from Las Vegas❤

    Alex BrazoAlex Brazo14 dager siden
  • As a person who suffers from stenosis of the cervical vertebrae of C6 and C7, prone to frequent torticollis, not being able to tilt my head backwards or sideways for weeks at a time, numbness of my arms, and chronic migraines, I understand how painful and serious neck injuries can be and how excruciating the pain can be. Ppl without knowledge or experience of this should really keep their mouths shut instead of creating more anxiety and spreading their negativity online. I guess, with everything in life, there's always those who have to spoil it for others by being mean and uncaring.

    River SongRiver Song14 dager siden
  • I am really sad to hear you had those negative comments after posting something so raw and personal. Anyone who watches you guys with any regularity would see you are so authentic, and would never stage something like that for clicks. I hope you can separate yourselves from that nonsense, and not let it affect your lives or your content. I love you guys, you're the best!

    KcKc14 dager siden
  • “When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself.” - Earl Nightingale when someone judges you, it isn’t actually about you. It’s about them and their own insecurities, limitations, and needs.

    Jessica SantanaJessica Santana15 dager siden
  • Awesome sailing.

    The Begg Family AnticsThe Begg Family Antics15 dager siden
  • I love closed caption "la vega pond" lmao

    Joe KyserJoe Kyser15 dager siden
  • Haters gotta Hate chap, try not to pay it any mind, I'm sure the rest of the 'regular' world understand and are with you (metaphorically) love the video's guys ESPECIALLY during Covid lockdown here in the U.K. you're my window to adventure while I'm stuck in my bedroom! 👍💕

    Bad LlamaBad Llama15 dager siden
  • Riley I wasn't following SLV when you had this accident, but this is truly the worst and most frightening thing that can happen in shorthanded/couple bluewater sailing. In our 50s, and rather experienced in coastal, we foresee a sabbatical/longer-than-that cruise as a couple, but one of the obstacles for my best half is that she is truly afraid of this kind of things, including me ending up overboard (and she's right to be). A "remote doctor" is a brilliant idea and it is (including the satphone of course) after watching your video, fro now on in my must-list for such a cruise. Anyway, a good motto is think about the worst and it has less chances to happen. Happy sailing to Antigua!

    Dominique BoveyDominique Bovey15 dager siden
  • There's always people that take on the negative and skeptical view. When my mother was dying and she was literally withering away while I was away from work and looking after her. I would alternate the care with my sister and I would go back to work, only to hear that one of the managers was saying that he thought I was lying and just taking time off. This was the worst time of my life as it broke me as a person, to see my mother like this and your only secure lifeline treats you like that. As you can imagine, I politely handed my resignation in. But seriously, what pieces of shit are out there.

    RunewellRunewell15 dager siden
  • I’m sorry you received such jaded comments. I believe people aren’t that good at concealing who they REALLY ARE when they’re on camera. I felt from the very beginning that you two were honorable, so it never occurred to me you’d do something that cheesy. That’s not to say you’re not capable of trying to make entertaining videos! But you’re not LIARS. That’s just ridiculous! (I’m old - I know these things). I worried for you TERRIBLY, having suffered my own horrendous spine surgeries. The fear was palpable in your eyes...both of you. I’m so glad you’ve recovered well, and are able to keep sailing unencumbered by physical limitations. I love sailing, but can no longer do it for those very reasons. Shame on those trolls! Love ye💗💕

    Lorraine ChamberlainLorraine Chamberlain15 dager siden
  • Anyone who writes negative comments especially about neck injury are obviously not genuine viewers, as anyone who has watched or follows you guys knows the sincere honest content you guys put out. They are definitely not worthy of your attention mate. Fair dinkum mate who goes out of the way to knock someone with a serious injury like that. SLV, IS ONE OF THE MOST HONEST creators on NOworld, and inspire millions of people including myself. We love you guys, and can't wait till your back in Aus so we can meet ya!!!

    Chris BurgessChris Burgess15 dager siden
  • Double rainbow!! 🌈

    HellyWelly93HellyWelly9315 dager siden
  • I can only speak for myself but it feels that if you like a video nowadays, you don't write a comment, you merely press the like button. But if one dislikes a video, people are more likely to write something about it. So here's to pushing the negative comments into the minority. Been watching since 2016 and to write something negative never crossed my mind. You guys are doing GREAT!

    joakimwijkenjoakimwijken15 dager siden
  • Wow

    Groove TrainGroove Train15 dager siden
  • Well, alll comment and criticism comes from a source of love. The majority of it just shows trauma in the one criticizing and commenting. Those people all want you to be healthy. They do have a strange way in showing that.. The truth is.. they like you. Followed you guys from the first video. I’m a sailor too. Especially on Hobie 16’s and formula 18’s. Liked your shirt from “The Old Seadog”!

    Hans HendrixHans Hendrix15 dager siden
  • Ignore haters and trolls.Period! Happy to hear you are doing well, i myself have been through necksurgery, so i feel what you been trough. You guys rock, love your videos! Cheers and stay safe! 😎💪

    Ole CondrupOle Condrup15 dager siden
  • Trolls need to be blocked!!!

    Deborah Anne WeberDeborah Anne Weber15 dager siden
  • Love you R, E and Len,, Your are the best,

    Melinda LandonMelinda Landon15 dager siden
  • Man love the corona rain coat jumper thing! Riley man I nearly died in car accident 2012, recovery 6 years man. I feel blessed to be doing what I Gert to do, as I am sure you feel the same bud. Can not predict the future but always run through your movements in your head first and hold your tongue right (very important!). One thing I can say with confidence, we have a thousand years of wonderful lives aHEAD FOR all, the brightest is coming to the world bud. Its all about the kids man. They are a gift. Advice - buy $1000 of IDR currency (so 10,000,000 IDR at least bud!) and hold onto it for few months and you will see what will come for you and your family! Lenny is a legend loved seeeing about his big swim a few weeks ago. cheers

    Jack TedJack Ted15 dager siden
  • Guys we have been following your journey for years, trolls gonna troll no matter what ya do or say. Those of us that love you's & know your hearts love how real you are. Documenting that jounerny in the good & the bad in real truth. Thanks for all you do & are in inspiring just not us but thousands of others. 😍🙌🥂🍻👊

    Jacob & Heidi YardleyJacob & Heidi Yardley15 dager siden
  • I think it doesn’t matter what we think. We decided to watch and we have a choice to not watch it anymore if we think it’s not jibing. The only thing that matters is we all try to be decent human beings to each other. Thanks for putting on what ever the hell you want. Besides, you two have bigger balls than most of us so who are we to judge. ❤️

    Oscar MoralesOscar Morales15 dager siden
  • You guys are awesome. Thank you for all the hard work you put into your videos. Safe travels! 😊

    Carla HarrisCarla Harris15 dager siden
  • Love this sail with you three... wow on that rainbow 🌈.. thanks for these 💙💚💛🧡❤️💜

    Cindy ThomasCindy Thomas15 dager siden
  • Some people are so silly! I remember watching the video when you hurt yourself and then the video that revealed that you were ok and I was SO relieved. NOworld is one of those places where people can say whatever they want, even more than other platforms. Anyone who thinks that you guys are doing anything at all for views is so lost and they obviously haven’t spent any time getting to know you guys through your videos. I can’t imagine the fear of thinking you broke it again, while you are literally in the middle of nowhere! Also, the fact that you don’t let that fear hold you back has been a major inspiration for me. All the love to your sweet family ✨

    Andrea BellatoAndrea Bellato15 dager siden
  • Good Job All. You guys, look like life is good. Hay girls, looking sweet as always. Lenny, just saying be good and HI!!

    Lee BensonLee Benson15 dager siden
  • See you should have listened to your mommy didnt she warn you that you were gonna break your neck , like everybody else's mom did , only thing is now you really need to be careful cause the other thing moms like to warn us about is you"ll poke your eye out so you better watch out🤣🤣🤣😂😅

    Bryon EnsmingerBryon Ensminger15 dager siden
  • Sometimes I think you guys are bordering on pity-mongering, but that is just my opinion, yet every time I think to change my opinion you guys give us another large dose of how hard your life is, shame.

    Joelene PreisingJoelene Preising15 dager siden
  • Traumatic events such as your neck injury can also be life changing events. I'm sure both injuries were something you'll never forget. My heart goes out to Elayna as I'm sure she felt somewhat helpless as she watched you flat on your back. A few years ago I watched my wife flat line in the ER and it changed my life and priorities forever, so I know that feeling of being helpless is not fun. Keep up the great videos and we can't wait to see what Antiqua brings.

    JKXtremeJKXtreme15 dager siden
  • 6:20 🇵🇱 La vagabonde pozdrawia Polaków 😁

    ManieqElkManieqElk15 dager siden
  • Ok! I love y'all so much! 💗 Big time! I wish I could be there with y'all! But, I have my own path that I love to walk! You guys are real! I enjoy how you put it out there with transparency! Whenever someone is a hater, remember there is a whole clan that believes in you and loves you! And, Elena is a awesome mom! Riley I wish you could be my sailing mentor!

    Carol SiuCarol Siu15 dager siden
  • I love the videos and have watched them from the beginning , I was wondering how are your allowed to travel to other countries while this virus is about.

  • Riley, I think you're a great person! I also think that it's great you sharing the not so glorious things, and for people naying and hating, they're just jealous! But mostly, lots of people have no empathy, I have an autoimmune decease and have met a ton of nasty folks. It's hard to shrug it off, but you have to in order to keep your positivity and happiness.

    Angela HewittAngela Hewitt16 dager siden
  • In regards to the haters about your neck... Haters gonna hate. What you guys do is amazing! Many of us here that watch your videos wish we were sailing and living the dream like you. Ignore the keyboard warriors. Keep on keeping it real!! Love the videos!

    Matt WilkinsonMatt Wilkinson16 dager siden
  • The tears in Elayna's eyes tell it all. There is no way that was just for clicks. I remember watching as that video came out and it was very disconcerting. I am glad that you are able to "brush off" the mean and hateful comments. I do hope that someday I have the opportunity to do so as well. I have been following you guys since the beginning and you are a big inspiration in my decision to begin a channel of my own. Keep up the great work and as always, I wish you all the best; always!

    StoopsThereItIsStoopsThereItIs16 dager siden
  • love you guys, would love to be a patreon one day and hopefully meet you guys one day and do what you guys do sailing round the world

    Ethan LeahyEthan Leahy16 dager siden
  • Glad to be of help, in any way I can. Thanks for the shout-out. Sail safe.

    Brian LauxBrian Laux16 dager siden
  • Take the comments with a grain of salt but make it a policy to never comment on them in a negative way. There is absolutely nothing to gain from your remarks because it makes you seem petty. Keep it positive.

    JCT3JCT316 dager siden
  • I've watched you, Eleyna, and the birth of Riley, up until this video. I never thought I was watching a rehearsed fictional or overly dramatic video. It's your family's down to earth sharing of who you are and doing things which many of us only dream about. If anything your sailing adventures inform many this isn't something for everyone. Most especially when you're crossing an ocean with wife and child, that's commitment and not for the faint of heart. Stay safe, best to all of you as well as your extended family that are part of the journey.

    Michael LivingstonMichael Livingston16 dager siden
  • Riley, you two have been sharing your life with the world for years! What you have accomplished a shared with us, is incredible!!! If not for y'all, I wouldn't have a sailboat now. (Sarcastically saying...don't know if I should thank you for that, or blame you. LOL.) Think I have checked on you guys from close to the beginning of the videos. It hurts my heart that I cannot be out there like you guys, so I don't subscribe, regularly. But, DON'T EVER let the naysayers get you down. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOURSELVES WITH US. Oops, just realized I was contacting you while logged into my computers business account. Its Kevin.

    Mobile Home Lots Koestler ParksMobile Home Lots Koestler Parks16 dager siden
  • I love the small Riley moments. You're so good at putting topics on the table and reflect on those.

    Guido PezzGuido Pezz16 dager siden
  • About those negative comments about your neck....there are always those mental midgets that enjoy kicking someone when they are down for the count. They reap what they sow so at some point they will be the one in a situation they are helpless to do anything about and will get their dues about hurting someone else in a hard situation.

    Barbara SnellerBarbara Sneller16 dager siden
  • Mate it’s peoples ego that makes them question your integrity. You just keep doing you and as the channel clearly displays, it works!

    Life in MotionLife in Motion16 dager siden
  • Hey Riley and Elayna, I've watched loads of your videos now and noticed that there was a new type of shot in this last one! I know it's a bit of extra work, but it was super cool to see the time-lapse of the boat sailing through waves from the drone. It really have accurate perspective on just how large the waves really are, and how quickly the boat is cutting through the water. I realize that these shots are challenging, but if you're able to (safely) add a few more of these into your videos, I'd love to see it. -Love from America.

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  • We've never doubted, that what we were watching was, the genuine story of a couple of sailors. Thanks for continuing to let us in and for putting up with the negativity you sometimes face.

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