One Month of Sailing in New Zealand. Trip of a Lifetime! Ep. 76

6. mars. 2017
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Wow. We’d heard sailing the New Zealand coastline was going to be pretty epic, but we really had not expected such beauty. Sailing the rugged east coast from the Bay of Islands down to Auckland and back was quite the adventure. This weather is still going to take us some time to get used to. Join us in the longest SLV episode ever made!! It took me a bloody long time to make. Lots of love, Elayna
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Bay of Islands history source:
Song Credits:
00:06 HEEBLAY - It’s all Alive - I India 8
02:58 Hard Boiled Wonderland - Evntho -
05:03 One Night In Nefplio - Finding Yellow -
07:40 Brave (Instrumental) - Amarante -
09:44 Blue Skies and Happiness - Erin Pellnat -
15:57 Kind Blue - Evntho -
21:23 Rocking in the Free World - Rory Laye (original song by Neil Young) -
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48:16 Eunoia - Andrew Rothschild -
50:35 Anthony Helm - Homemade ft Dominic Bennett -
52:14 The Only One - Jode Gannon -
Additional Film - Abbey Mulraney
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  • A long episode!!! This made me want to visit New Zealand lol...

    Noel CarolynNoel Carolyn4 år siden
    • Love the feature length!!!!

      Bad BeesBad Bees5 måneder siden
    • I live in new zealand its the best place to be

      Teah HagenTeah HagenÅr siden
    • @Sailing La Vagabonde hey there just a little trick I learned when cutting onions. If you take a sip of water and keep the water in your mouth while cutting onions your eyes won't burn. The water dilutes the intensity of the onion. Alright I just want to say I truly enjoy your videos and I am making serious plans to go sailing around the world myself. God bless ya'll

      Chris HugginsChris HugginsÅr siden
    • The government gang there is draconian; get ready to bend over because you will be treated as if you are a terrorist. Why does that news reporter at 37:00 in, say "so you've been sailing around the world for FORTY YEARS"... I keep replaying it and it sounds like forty? They aren't even forty years old???

      Turbo TasticTurbo TasticÅr siden
    • go go go it´s so beautiful there

      Mima KioraMima Kiora2 år siden
  • We feel so lucky we've been able to start our journey in New Zealand! We love this country!!

    Sailing PivoSailing Pivo9 dager siden
  • I'm imagining Lenny growing up fearless. He'll have his own little sailboat and take local adventures wherever you are. Having kids on the cruiser boats has changed things quite a bit. All of this is happening as my wife (grandma) and I (grandpa) are taking care of our 20 month old grandson and his 8 month old sister for several hours each week.

    John DonaldsonJohn Donaldson14 dager siden
  • Omg I so love you guys...Lenny is right. Funny mama funny dadda!! Epic epi as usual..Makin my day always.

    Kit BurkeKit Burke23 dager siden
  • Omg I was wondering where Lenny was and realised this video is before his time. Glad see you both haven’t changed since having him ❤️

    chelsea manningchelsea manning25 dager siden
  • The “I’m pretty good too eylana” kills me

    Freediving with TysenFreediving with TysenMåned siden
  • Sure beats the desert full-of-kangaroo pooh that is oz.

    AguafriaAguafria2 måneder siden
  • Love the show. Is there a way to watch in sequence? Would love to learn and would love to take a year or two off and sail the world.

    Michael BeltMichael Belt2 måneder siden
  • this is shit video about rich childs,,,,boredom

    peter chocholapeter chochola2 måneder siden
  • But the burning candle stops tbe onion fumes just as well

    Stephen LongStephen Long2 måneder siden
  • Light a candle when chopping onions. You won't cry. Im serious. Also cut onion in half, rinse with water. Dry it with paper towel. That also cuts down on fumes.

    Stephen LongStephen Long2 måneder siden
  • Shout out to Jasmine Harrison @rudderlymad who’s just completed a single handed charity row across the Atlantic! 🎉🥳👍

    Peter MawsonPeter Mawson2 måneder siden
  • Have you tried using Ginger, as my time sailing and out fishing on the ocean always had ginger tablets(health food stores) and small bottles of Ginger Beer with me, and even Ginger biscuits, constantly taking small doses at a time helped.

    Barry CashmanBarry Cashman2 måneder siden
  • Love it ❣❤❣

    Lopin'Lopin'3 måneder siden
  • 7:04 надо было кусочек хлеба ей дать.

    Элемент 92Элемент 923 måneder siden
  • Rewatching because Eylana

    Tc PlayTc Play3 måneder siden
  • Going back To rewatch SV’s journey all over again is exactly what I needed for the beginning of this year. I have successfully converted 8+ family members and friends and I’m still so goddamn glad to be a Patreon to you 3 and 1/3 ! Oofw I love yous , I love yous and Thankyou R&È💕

    Chloe RhodesChloe Rhodes3 måneder siden
  • Owesome

    LifeSail Inc - LSILifeSail Inc - LSI3 måneder siden
  • “I wrote it in my diary” - Riley. Gold. Quote of the year

    Myles HallMyles Hall3 måneder siden
  • anyone know how to follow abbey, here 3 years later

    Patch worxsPatch worxs3 måneder siden
  • back when the channel was great

    Louis669Louis6693 måneder siden
  • Hi guys I stumbled across your videos by accident searching for diving & came up with your recent upload 2021. I really enjoyed....okay I loved what I watched . So much so I've gone back to the beginning ep1 and am now currently catching up. 😘 I'm currently at this video with the wife following too. I agree with what you said in the tv interview previously the same scripted stuff frys your brain . Lol. .I feel the need to comment on this video after you hooked up with your ole pal oakey . this ep caused our chuckle muscles too fracture .& really hope you invite him too join you onboard at a later date . Was great too see you all smiling & laughing hard. You make an amazing couple both laid back and your beauty just shines from inside out . Looking forward to catching back up too the present time, whilst also seeing your own family arrive and grow onboard plus the arrival of the catamaran .Wishing you all the very best . Keep safe & keep smiling laughing through through the tough times as you do . Thank you for your help getting us through the covid lockdown when we all need positivity in our lives . Happy new year All the best for 2021.

    K. LockU2K. LockU23 måneder siden
  • Been watching Bryce for a long time.. Love to see him on board SLV!! :D

    S GudurS Gudur3 måneder siden
  • 🙏💕💕 💕💕🙏 ⛵️⛵️ ⛵️⛵️ 💕💕💕💕 ⛵️⛵️⛵️ 💕💕 ⛵️ Truly amazing Wow

    Boo BBoo B3 måneder siden
  • It’s comical to me how people always have something to say about trust fund babies when in reality that is awesome that someone can give someone that.

    Free Spirited Free SpiritedFree Spirited Free Spirited4 måneder siden
  • I wrote in my diary had to be the ugliest moment

    E.PE.P4 måneder siden
  • Luv lov love you guys

    James JohnsonJames Johnson4 måneder siden
  • Would you ever consider taking on a wheelchair Passenger?

    Sidney LeibsonSidney Leibson4 måneder siden
  • most beautyfull girl in the w....

    Victor BisgaardVictor Bisgaard4 måneder siden
  • I noticed with mono hulls that you drag your tender with you, is there no way to lift it up or off the water? At 31:00 you had the tender on the deck, how often do you drag and when do you lift onto deck?

    Paulo De OliveiraPaulo De Oliveira5 måneder siden
  • Today was considerably improved by watching this video. Thank you for making it.

    GladtobemomGladtobemom5 måneder siden
  • Q

    Scott MunroeScott Munroe5 måneder siden
  • Good Episode guys! My wife and I are starting our sailing adventure and channel here in New Zealand. Good to see you enjoyed your time here. @sailingpivo

    Sailing PivoSailing Pivo5 måneder siden
  • Hey guys! What size / model of boat was this monohull you had before getting the cat? Really enjoy the videos, cheers!

    Chase DonoghueChase Donoghue5 måneder siden
  • +Sailing La Vagabonde you should invite Abbey back when you get the catamaran. They're usually more stable so she might not be affected so badly.

    Bad BeesBad Bees5 måneder siden
  • Y'all are world citizens now. Is something ever happened to you the world will know. It is an awesome power to wield. Always do good too good... And tried to block evil in every turn. The whole world's going to change in the next 10 years. Sailboats are probably the way to go at this time. Please look up Joe Rogan experience with Eon musk NOworld. Also interview with Edward Snowden. AI is already here.. from The rougarou New Orleans

    Noland MailhosNoland Mailhos5 måneder siden
  • I've never seen either of you "tied off" with a safety line. Do you secure yourselves sometimes, as when you're on watch alone at night? What would happen if a rogue wave swept you overboard while the other is sleeping?

    Jerry FoustJerry Foust5 måneder siden
  • Sorry but you do lol, love your vids x

    paul hulleypaul hulley6 måneder siden
  • Absolutely love your channel! What kind of boat are you sailing on in the video?

    Chris DiscoveryChris Discovery6 måneder siden
  • New Zealand The Country I love. Thanks

    Perfume WorldPerfume World6 måneder siden
  • Enjoy go biscoitos guys

    Jorge freitasJorge freitas6 måneder siden
  • Terceira!

    Jorge freitasJorge freitas6 måneder siden
  • Great info for future sailors....we need a nuclear engine for crossing ocean...that goes 5-10 years on a "tank" .....and sails up for islands 😄

    mokokawimokokawi6 måneder siden
  • I wonder which ethnicity has blown your minds in your travels?

    Florencine Marearai-NashFlorencine Marearai-Nash6 måneder siden

    stingr9137stingr91377 måneder siden
  • Your not to hot on maintenance are you? Anchor winch a crucial piece of equipment? Steel on steel somethings got to give wake up man don’t be lazy!!

    Dream MaurioraDream Mauriora7 måneder siden
    • You just caught a Porae?

      Dream MaurioraDream Mauriora7 måneder siden
  • Alana is beautiful !

    Scott MarkhamScott Markham7 måneder siden
  • Tip for onions - once peeled run them under cold water and you will never experience the painful zing from chopping them up. Your welcome. ;)

    Sara BovenziSara Bovenzi7 måneder siden
  • At 22:30 is the saddest part of this video. You're witness to the dying of the oceans. It wasn't always like this.

    backtoearth63backtoearth638 måneder siden
  • like is a descriptive word, not a comma

    Dave HallDave Hall8 måneder siden
  • very good

    phillip jacobsphillip jacobs8 måneder siden
  • Cut onions with a small fan directed to the left or right of the chopping area. If you have no fan keep your mouth closed while chopping or step outside with your cutting broad. Just for the record the fan trick is also handy when changing diapers.

    Emerald HunterEmerald Hunter9 måneder siden
  • Auckland - NZ

    Ane ZehAne Zeh9 måneder siden
  • put 1 earplug in helps with sea sickness...but just 1

    M ACM AC9 måneder siden
  • I hope you realize the heart , personality , soul , and the genuine part of her being . She is incredible , you are too !!!

    Biff PermenterBiff Permenter9 måneder siden
  • you are so beautiful !!!!!!

    Biff PermenterBiff Permenter9 måneder siden
  • Abbey really got emotional prepping those onions . Some one should tell her that they can't feel anything .

    Stephen DuquetteStephen Duquette9 måneder siden
  • she really should have woken you up for the rainbow ;-)

    SamSam9 måneder siden
  • Green stone ear rings,definitely been to New Zealand........

    Wayne TaylorWayne Taylor10 måneder siden
  • 3 years later with The way you said Aotearoa naww so cute😅

    Brooke PrenticeBrooke Prentice10 måneder siden
  • Great videos. I have a tip for you. When cutting onions wear underwater goggles, they work a treat. I've been wearing goggles for thirty years when peeling and chopping onions. I used to wear the full face mask with the 18 inch pipe connected and a ping pong ball in the end. I stopped wearing that cos I got a knock at the door and opened the door looking like turnip and trying to hold a sensible conversation with a neighbour who was still in hysterics when he left. Funnily enough, his eyes were steaming but not because of onions! Needless to say, I decided to wear just the goggles that cover they eyes. Ok, you may look daft, but better that than your eyes stinging. If you are just cutting onions, then do it underwater, the onion under water that is. I've just noticed in ep 76 about 20 mins in, there was a shark in view. Its dorsal fin was huge, bigger than the boats Happy sailing

    Ray RoscoeRay Roscoe10 måneder siden
  • If you put a pice of white bread between your lips or a paper towel you will not cry while peeling onion 👍🏼

    Seeker Of truthSeeker Of truth10 måneder siden
  • Why cant i like this twice?

    MrRob8254MrRob825411 måneder siden
  • I was waiting for Bryce to say 'oh this is lovely!' as he entered the cabin.

    Adam HalikosAdam Halikos11 måneder siden
  • I love it..... A week and 10 days..... Lol

    MrRob8254MrRob825411 måneder siden
  • I feel Abbey's pain. I love to sail and fly but some days it just doesn't love me at all. Cool to see Bryce. Love his channel to and JP seems like such a great spirit. Loved the video of him flying you guys. Been watching you for quite awhile and just going back and seeing all the older stuff. Loving it. You guys are doing a great job.

    Wilderness WandererWilderness Wanderer11 måneder siden
  • Great video, nice and long... Very Good...!! 👍 I have been there to Auckland and walked around the base of the Needle photographing it, Took a ferry across the bay and back to town and have photos from THIS spot too 😎✅. 32:03

    Rob FraleyRob Fraley11 måneder siden
  • Being sea-sick has nothing to do with being or not being 'a certain kind of person'. You can be totally into sailing mentally and emotionally and your body might just feel differently.

    curtlaincurtlain11 måneder siden
  • Love you guys. Hi from Cape Town.

    Joanne BedfordJoanne BedfordÅr siden

    Omar MaldonadoOmar MaldonadoÅr siden
  • How much dose it cost to join u guys on the patron it’s a wish of mine thanks to u guys 🤿🙏🏾🦾💯

    Omar MaldonadoOmar MaldonadoÅr siden
  • The old man sounds South African

    Coenie TorlageCoenie TorlageÅr siden
  • You both look so much better without the make-up that's for sure!

    sakuna manussasakuna manussaÅr siden
  • Love this channel!!!

    305 Dade County_GrabberBlue Martinez305 Dade County_GrabberBlue MartinezÅr siden
  • Good lord Bryce got legs like a linebacker.

    Mad Mike0082Mad Mike0082År siden
  • I was binging and was only gonna watch 1 or 2 more. Then realized this is an hr long episode...

    Samuel ShinSamuel ShinÅr siden
  • You guys all look and sound stoned.

    Will BorzattiWill BorzattiÅr siden
  • Great monologue! 28:52

    Samuel ShinSamuel ShinÅr siden
  • JP then flew a Cessna 210 around the world.

    Judd JohnsonJudd JohnsonÅr siden
  • u are not supposted to spear in the lagoon of robaten island

    Teah HagenTeah HagenÅr siden
  • Hold an unlit match in your teeth when you cut onions and your eyes won't leak.

    Jamie IngelsJamie IngelsÅr siden
  • Great guest in this one, funny guy. :D

    Simon TVSimon TVÅr siden
  • good lord. excuse me to say but theres some handsome fellas sailing w you. the gem collector and the guy with the blue HURLEY shirt. 😍 if only i was 20 yrs younger though. 😄😄. love this video. musta missed it apparently. Debi from California. 💕👍

    B B01B B01År siden
  • Gem of an Episode! Oakey seems like a really good dude and SailAbility is Awesome!

    AL13NMAL13NMÅr siden
  • PLEASE COME TO New Zealand AGAIN!! I know soo so many places you would love to visit along new Zealand's coastline! I live in nz too. You also knew some of my friends, you might remember them... Bevan and his wife Sam and their two kids. They saw you in the bay of islands!

    Sophie-Jo HawkinsSophie-Jo HawkinsÅr siden
  • Patrick Swayze "I'm not gonna paddle to New Zealand!" La Vagabond: "hold my point break"

    blk hemi392blk hemi392År siden
  • Always wash onions first after peeling in cold water! Never have tearful eyes again :-)

    mlogsdenmlogsdenÅr siden
  • Hi Elayna and Riley, just wondering how long does it take to sail from opua to Auckland?

    just jenjust jenÅr siden
  • Longer formats are great. I am binging the vids. Your son has been born for a while but I still only know you as a prego young couple. I will catch up soon. Cheers!

    Steve's Work & Family VLOGSteve's Work & Family VLOGÅr siden
  • plucked eye brows you ugly as a dog with plucked eye brows

    Tony FriTony FriÅr siden
  • For those who want to know what life went for Abbey after that, she wrote a post on her blog : :)

    John TedonneraipasmonnomJohn TedonneraipasmonnomÅr siden
  • Ohhh, tanzanite!! Wished he could have shown the stones he got.

    dannette petersdannette petersÅr siden
  • Yay!! I had to search this today, to see if yous even came here, im glad you guys did. Come back soon though please, we are currently going through Summer and its beautiful here at the moment.

    King TroyKing TroyÅr siden
  • Spent a good amount of time growing up around the Bay of Islands,the water is a ball shrinker for sure,what an awesome bunch of people you all are,safe travels wherever the wind takes you.

    Thorfinn986_doesn't_do_averageThorfinn986_doesn't_do_averageÅr siden
  • A tip for cutting Onions,put them in the fridge for a day first,it thickens the juices and you get basically none of the spray from it. :-)

    Thorfinn986_doesn't_do_averageThorfinn986_doesn't_do_averageÅr siden
  • I am disabled and use a mobility Walker to get around.✌ I couldn't imagine trying to balance on a boat even with using my cane.⛵👣💙 Love Cindy on the Coast of Oregon 🌴#davesandersstepdaughter

    Trauma Survivor CynthiaTrauma Survivor CynthiaÅr siden
  • I really enjoy your sailing adventures, please keep going and good luck with your son and his childhood growing up on a boat. looks like he is doing great, such a big smile on his face all the time.stay safe and fair winds and smooth sailing.

    John Yarbrough IVJohn Yarbrough IVÅr siden
  • Bryce!! Been watching his channel for a while. Love his work! Cool that you guys connected and hung out!

    Michal Lisa ArcherMichal Lisa ArcherÅr siden
  • 19:30 Steve- "is there any new members pressent" Brett or Jermaine? Favorite NZ Band for sure!

    Thoth Mystery SeekerThoth Mystery SeekerÅr siden
  • "Work hard and be good to ya mutha!", good advice :)

    Daniel MeltonDaniel MeltonÅr siden