ONE WEEK to Prepare for 16 Days at Sea (Atlantic Crossing)

22. feb.. 2021
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#291 Join us as we sail down from Madeira to Tenerife. Jack and Andre join us on board to prepare for the Atlantic crossing back to the warm weather, clear water and fish galore. We're excited but there's lots to do before the boys were ready to go. I (Elayna) was more than happy to sit this one out. Pregnant, seasickness, toddler, I'm sure you understand - haha!
6 years ago we crossed the Atlantic with Jack. If you'd like to revisit it, you can watch it here:
Crazy to think how much has changed since then. Jack has gone from having never sailed to sailing obsessed. Having just introduced him to paragliding, I can foresee a new obsession on the horizon.
Song Credits:
00:00 - 01:10 Martin Gauffin - Ice Fields
01:10 - 04:34 Ran the Man - Curious Eyes
04:34 - 05:20 Chris Shards - Queens Highway
05:20 - 06:16 CLNGR - Rescue Your Mind (Instrumental Version)
08:08 - 10:21 LaKesha Nugent - One Hundred Times
10:22 - 12:12 Andy Delos Santos - We're Like Strangers Again (Instrumental Version)
12:13 - 12:45 Dusty Decks - Golden Crates
12:49 - 14:03 Peter Crosby - Rosemary's Garden
14:03 - 15:06 The Big Let Down - Wanna Run Away With You (Instrumental Version)
15:38 - 16:04 Modal Youth - Smokey Goodbye
16:11 - 18:11 Manukapp - What Comes Next (feat. Lemuel Unaji & Cacau)
18:30 - 19:25 Middle and End - The Run
19:52 - 20:45 RRAREBEAR - AM Japan
20:46 - 23:11 Jobil - Captiva
23:11 - 23:33 Chris Shards - Queens Highway
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  • Could Jack please share his Broccoli Lemon Garlic and Chilli pasta recipe?

    EmLou1976EmLou197619 dager siden
  • If ever I had a superpower it would be flying. This video was so cool. Great fun to watch.

    Laura WilliamsLaura WilliamsMåned siden
  • Yeah Andre and Jack are in the House!!

    CoryCoryMåned siden
  • Meditating? you have no idea how good that is for you.. Blessings to all of you🙏💕⭕

    YogiesBeerYogiesBeerMåned siden
    • Yes we do. Blessings to you too amigo. 🙌🏼

      Sailing La VagabondeSailing La VagabondeMåned siden
  • 11:40 Emergency escape plan. Head but the window open, Australian style. Oi Oi Oi.

    Colin GrantColin GrantMåned siden
  • Thanks for flying with my music! :D Have a listen to the full track on Spotify, you might parachute with Elayna and Riley!

    ManukappManukappMåned siden
  • Recession in 2016....?

    ZuesJuniorZuesJuniorMåned siden
  • Enjoy your videos.

    Larry LarryLarry Larry2 måneder siden
  • What good friends to have!

    rockintheraerockintherae2 måneder siden
  • Elayna needs an eye cream

    rockintheraerockintherae2 måneder siden
  • haven't watched in a long time ... what awesome videos you guys are still making.. they just keep getting better !! yo ho Lenny !

    Douglas MacLeanDouglas MacLean2 måneder siden
  • So we're just not gonna say anything about Lenny seasoning Elayna's food with his boogies?

    TheGuyYouKnowFromSomewhereTheGuyYouKnowFromSomewhere2 måneder siden
  • Hey! I am proud that you have finally visited my island. 🗻 I trust you had a very happy stay on this land. I especially loved that tender and hopeful scene (13:40) through the innocent and amazed eyes of the 'big brother'. 😇 😊 🥰 🥰 Best of health and good luck to all of you and your families! 😘 👋👋

    Taisen DesTaisen Des2 måneder siden
  • Good luck looks like you have a good crew

    Judy McPhailJudy McPhail2 måneder siden
  • You can use vinegar to clean metals and surfaces and any thing really. For the clicker you just need to deep it into a bowel of vinegar for about an hour (or less) and every some time take it out and rub it to clean the rust away. It should be clean as new. Hope that helps in the future.

    Vahid RajaeiVahid Rajaei2 måneder siden
  • Anytime you want paint or silicone sealer to stick wipe the area down first with rubbing alcohol. It degreases and lets things stick proper.

    Jerry FrederickJerry Frederick2 måneder siden
  • Letting Riley single hand TransAtlantic? With a couple other guys around? Hopefully not single handing mom with two kids... The sea eats boats at times

    danceswithcarsdcdanceswithcarsdc2 måneder siden
  • I crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Cape Town to St Helena and onto Fortaleza, Brazil on the 5th of July. Omg what an absolutely amazing experience that was. Enjoy it all.

    Cherylee WilcoxCherylee Wilcox2 måneder siden
  • Gonna say it because I know I'm not the only one: How many females get mesmerized by Riley's eyes....what a gorgeous man (with a gorgeous woman and child).

    Kari LynnKari Lynn2 måneder siden
  • Its a girl

    Paul SwanPaul Swan2 måneder siden
  • Can you say where you got the scan? That’s my parents business and I think it’s ungrateful to tell where it is and how it’s called. So I will say it myself: it’s called Ginefem and it’s at Santacruz de Tenerife. Street: Pi y Margall. One of the best doctors around the island.

    IstheFachIstheFach2 måneder siden
  • Nice work but what’s going on with all the Corona???

    anthony davenportanthony davenport2 måneder siden

    Brae SepulvedaBrae Sepulveda2 måneder siden
  • Hey the Trailer Park Boys, my locate buds. Cheers 🇨🇦

    Greg DeethGreg Deeth2 måneder siden
  • You are going to my birth place. It warms my heart that you said it correctly.

    Andisha GoransonAndisha Goranson2 måneder siden
  • Andre is The MAN!!!! Love you guys!!!! I wathc your videos since the beginning!!!!! Hugs from southern Brazil!

    Daniel GaertnerDaniel Gaertner2 måneder siden
  • what kind of camera set up do you use? I love your videos!

    Kenneth Van SoelenKenneth Van Soelen2 måneder siden
  • 👍

    Владимир ГлебовВладимир Глебов2 måneder siden
  • 16:40 I've flown there before!!! :-D EDIT: Wait, Tom De Dorlodot is an xAlps pilot/athlete! I've followed him racing in 2017 and 2019!

    mcbritemcbrite2 måneder siden
  • It's like s.. s.. sailing in the sky! 19:45 ...choosing his words wisely!

    Andreas BengterAndreas Bengter2 måneder siden
  • When are you both crossing Atlantic, I'm a seaman sailing in car carrier and right now we are in Turkey

    Tony DcunhaTony Dcunha2 måneder siden
  • Based on your reaction I’ll bet anyone 100 that it’s a boy lol. 100%

    David BearDavid Bear2 måneder siden
  • So nice to see that you treat ends of rope exactly the same way that I do 😂

    Thomas BlesingerThomas Blesinger2 måneder siden
  • as a canadian I cannot explain how awesome the Jim Lahey shout out is

    Jack SnyderJack Snyder2 måneder siden
  • I loved the time lapse of the mountains! Absolutely breathtaking

    Elisabeth WaltonElisabeth Walton2 måneder siden
  • you are disgusting everybody hates you, trust fund bastards, go to hell and stay there

    Tony FriTony Fri2 måneder siden
  • Good for you, I am so happy that you are pregnant. Congratulation Elayna!!!!

    Saye RezviSaye Rezvi2 måneder siden
  • 20:20 Music a vibe

    PlzBeGentlePlzBeGentle2 måneder siden
  • EXPERT = EX latin(??) for Drip and PERT under pressure........ You found the problem, so definitely not an expert . lol :)

    Ian McAllisterIan McAllister2 måneder siden
  • Looks like you did not use through bolts/backing plate to mount the bracket for back-up autopilot? It is not a shear load...

    Bill KimbellBill Kimbell2 måneder siden
  • Love ❤️ Love your videos! Good Luck 🍀 on the crossing ! See you somewhat closer to the USA 🇺🇸 Sail on my friends...........

    jill weedjill weed2 måneder siden
  • I’m currently in the process of moving to an apartment for the first time and I’ve been so stressed. Every time I watch it really is an escape from reality. Love from NJ.

    Donna GallardoDonna Gallardo2 måneder siden
  • Hi bro, you can try sailing to Komodo National Park

    E SHOTZE SHOTZ2 måneder siden
  • yayyyy andre's back!

    Tilla LuskasTilla Luskas2 måneder siden
  • wow 2 years ... time moves so fast seems just the other day I added you and that must be 3 years now

    willywilly2 måneder siden
  • Safe travels to all of you.

    z Mz M2 måneder siden
  • Concrats to be the number one on NOworld, we enjoy every week your video’s

    Karel KuijpersKarel Kuijpers2 måneder siden
  • Congrats on Lennys new brother, be safe heading to Antigua, can't wait to see next week 💙🐟⛵⛵⛵💑

    d.j. Robinsond.j. Robinson2 måneder siden
  • Loved this vlog. Like the guy who's with you on this voyage. What was his chilli pasta like. Looked delicious. Lenny is so big now. Hi andre. Welcome back on board. Take care all. Can't wait for the next vlog when Riley sails the Atlantic crossing. Xxxx

    Mary RossMary Ross2 måneder siden
  • Andre & Jack looked like two smart dudes meditating..

    J CJ C2 måneder siden

    Mes HbMes Hb2 måneder siden
  • Those pivot pins on the Pelagic autopilot shear off at the base, I have broken 3 of them. Now I use SS threaded rod cut to length, it bends before it breaks so its easier to replace.

    S/V Pearl SailS/V Pearl Sail2 måneder siden
  • Atlantic Crossing!!! Bing SaFe Is #1!!! HaVe FuN Is #2!!! @JustinTrudeau @CBCNewsNational @FuzzyLtd #FuzzyLtdTM ^^^^"LIVE LIKE JAY"^^^

    SirMichael Anthony Joseph Samuel LefebvreSirMichael Anthony Joseph Samuel Lefebvre2 måneder siden
  • Advanced happy birthday leny

    Rahul BRahul B2 måneder siden
  • Boy or girls it's a blessing

    Rahul BRahul B2 måneder siden
  • When was this record

    Rahul BRahul B2 måneder siden
  • This video makes me feel so proud of you guys 🥲 look at the little family you’ve created, both biological and by heart. Just beautiful 🤍

    Sailing on an ImpulsSailing on an Impuls2 måneder siden
  • Namaste Andre!

    HellyWelly93HellyWelly932 måneder siden
  • Lenny at dinner with his finger in his nose, priceless 😂

    David McdanielDavid Mcdaniel2 måneder siden
  • I wanna toss Andre a few bucks for his boat.

    Shane SmithShane Smith2 måneder siden
  • Don’t limit people with your point of view Elayna-it looks like Andre is really meditating.

    aardvarkansawaardvarkansaw2 måneder siden
  • I say boy

    Hannah WhiteHannah White2 måneder siden
  • hey Jesse Pinkman came down

    Keiko NakayamaKeiko Nakayama2 måneder siden
  • I literally love for Your videos!

    Tazmin KhanTazmin Khan2 måneder siden
  • Bogan high windspeed alarm; a Milo tin half full of nuts and bolts left on the table.

    Tim DunnTim Dunn2 måneder siden
  • You guys are awesome. I'm so jealous of the life you live. I have a lot of questions but I won't bother you with them. Stay safe

    Scott MillerScott Miller2 måneder siden

    Naofumi AbeNaofumi Abe2 måneder siden
  • Good luck for the crossing. When are you leaving ?

    Lee TurnbullLee Turnbull2 måneder siden
  • What is ondrays utube channel

    Travis LTravis L2 måneder siden
  • Omg you will be very close to my country, Dominican Republic 😍😍😍 love you're videos.

    Aileen de la cruzAileen de la cruz2 måneder siden
  • Andre don’t let Elena’s giggling making fun of you Deter you from 🧎. She’s young and will develop more supportive behavior as she gets older. 🤷‍♂️

    jeremy pfaujeremy pfau2 måneder siden
  • loved this video so much thank you guys!

    Sophie RoweSophie Rowe2 måneder siden
  • um Marry me jack? haha

    Aili Storen YogaAili Storen Yoga2 måneder siden
  • I hope this is a sailing channel again soon.

    GSMGSM2 måneder siden
  • Your solo? We will pray for you that God will send His Angel's to attend you.

    w. Hamiltonw. Hamilton2 måneder siden
  • And always wear yr life jacket.

    w. Hamiltonw. Hamilton2 måneder siden
  • Please watch carefully the earthquake activity, tsunamis activity. They said you can view weather waves 3 weeks in advance

    w. Hamiltonw. Hamilton2 måneder siden
  • -- Very nice content (balanced mix) and editing (timing, exposure, and audio) . . . _It's a pleasure to share your experiences, vicariously. _*_Thank you._*

    KefooKefoo2 måneder siden
  • I think the second child makes the sail life style impractable at best.....I think you need to rethink everything....U had a good seven years but babies are special and U need to make a change....both of U are highly intelligent and can re-invent yourself in your native country....good luck..........I have enjoyed your travel...but from the view of my bed.......

    Phil WeissburgPhil Weissburg2 måneder siden
  • I still can't grasp the fact you're having another baby 🥺😍

    Courtney JadeCourtney Jade2 måneder siden
  • 👋👋👍

    Ed PEd P2 måneder siden
  • didn't expected to see a boat from Brussels and Tom de Dorlodot with la vagabonde :p

    Mathieu DMathieu D2 måneder siden

    patcha mamapatcha mama2 måneder siden
  • I'm working 6-7 days a week at the moment as a nurse. I look so forward to watching your weekly vid. It makes my week, makes me happy. Takes my mind off of my life , ill people and vaccinating non stop. Thanks guys!

    Jennifer HudsonJennifer Hudson2 måneder siden
    • @Phil Weissburg it's my pleasure, every little bit helps

      Jennifer HudsonJennifer Hudson2 måneder siden
    • Thanks for your devotion to people and their health.....

      Phil WeissburgPhil Weissburg2 måneder siden
  • Lenny's birthday! 2! Already!!)

    Bob SmithersBob Smithers2 måneder siden
  • OK I haven’t even finish this- I’m only in three minutes and 10 seconds and that Riley hip-hop was hysterical 😁🤣🤣. Good one!

    gina kleine jaegergina kleine jaeger2 måneder siden
  • Top rate video, so cool. The skills, amazing. The entire episode, fantastic.

    Crusty CobsCrusty Cobs2 måneder siden
  • Loved seeing the baby on the ultrasound! Thank you for appreciating life and for being ProLife!

    mmaLibrammaLibra2 måneder siden
    • You can have a baby and be pro-choice. 😂 You are REACHING.

      Emily TwispEmily Twisp2 måneder siden
  • I grew up in a family of seaman and later served in the US Navy myself. You can never underestimate how much work needs to be done on boat or ship at any given time. I admire your consciousness and seeing this aspect of your adventures as a family.

    Christopher HuntChristopher Hunt2 måneder siden
  • Great adventures....stay safe...

    David SheriffDavid Sheriff2 måneder siden
  • Andre is just adorable. Glad to see him back!

    veronica turnageveronica turnage2 måneder siden
  • wow , lenny is 2 now happy birthday dear lenny happy birthday to you ...and another good vid strikes again guys ,,, c ya 's next time .

    james daleyjames daley2 måneder siden
  • my elder son did his first tandem jump at Fiesch in the Swiss alps, excellent fun, he was 12 ;) I thought my wife was gonna kill me...

    Roy CoxRoy Cox2 måneder siden
  • You need 2 ,6 inch L brackets one on each side of the vertical board and run bolts through it and bolts on both sides of the horizontal peice and use lock washers that will hold it tight but run the bolts on the vertical peice through both L brackets add sandwich the vertical piece in between them

    Bryon EnsmingerBryon Ensminger2 måneder siden
  • OUTREMER owes you guys a debt of gratitude. You have actually shown them what their boats can do over the long haul and where the weak points are helping them to make structural reinforcements and improvements for future boats down the production line. Great work Riley!!

    Rob MRob M2 måneder siden
  • I thought that I saw a turtle on that scan

    Na'Roon StarriderNa'Roon Starrider2 måneder siden
  • It will be a girl, bet my boat on it

    geograph1000geograph10002 måneder siden
  • Im sure you guys have lots of people offering advice, forgive me. On the winches i use grease on the bearing and gear surfaces, and 90wt gear oil on the pawls. The viscosity of the grease determines how easy it is to freewheel, and oil base grease seems to last longer around salt water. "Lewmar" winch grease is popular around here and is a great choice over synthetics, but grease on the pawls can make them stick resulting in the winch jumping. It is absolutely possible to overtighten the steering cables, resulting in undue wear and friction. That crack could have come from the boat getting pushed backwards by a passing wave (like when you're hove-to or reefing), and doesn't mean the boat is the least bit unreliable or poorly engineered as some have speculated. If you could possibly end-for-end your main halyard it will help the block twisting a bit, but the twists that are in the halyard now are not going to magically disappear as they have been "load-set". It looks like your VHF whip is missing from the coil at the masthead, it will work a lot better if you put an antenna at the top end of the co-ax. 3db should be fine on a multihull where the antenna is mostly going to be perpendicular to the horizon. I do not personally think it is irresponsible to sail to Antigua alone, but before leaving I would have a written checklist for the day you arrive because you're going to be pretty punchy. Anchoring up in Falmouth would be a lot easier under those circumstances than trying to manoueuvre around English Harbor, for example, when you're not at optimum. At least half of the deliveries I've done were alone; it's not a hairball concept. Best of luck on your passage, i am always so impressed with your abilities. Thank you.

    Marty SpargurMarty Spargur2 måneder siden
  • I don't know what the delay is from real time to your Monday posts, but if Y'all are still on Tenerife, look up an awesome lady, Sheila Collis in La Tierra del Trigo. She is a good friend of mine and the former Editor of Island Connections, as far as I am aware, the largest English Newspaper in the Canaries. I wish I hadn't fallen behind on watching your posts, I caught up tonight. Wish I could have sent that info to you guys sooner.

    Creighton CuttsCreighton Cutts2 måneder siden
  • Hey guys, Glad to hear you're coming back to Antigua. I sent you an email with my contact info. Love your videos. Hope to see you when you get here. Safe passage in the meantime.

    Mike FMike F2 måneder siden