ONE WEEK to Prepare for 16 Days at Sea (Atlantic Crossing)

22. feb.. 2021
328 967 Ganger

#291 Join us as we sail down from Madeira to Tenerife. Jack and Andre join us on board to prepare for the Atlantic crossing back to the warm weather, clear water and fish galore. We're excited but there's lots to do before the boys were ready to go. I (Elayna) was more than happy to sit this one out. Pregnant, seasickness, toddler, I'm sure you understand - haha!
6 years ago we crossed the Atlantic with Jack. If you'd like to revisit it, you can watch it here:
Crazy to think how much has changed since then. Jack has gone from having never sailed to sailing obsessed. Having just introduced him to paragliding, I can foresee a new obsession on the horizon.
Song Credits:
00:00 - 01:10 Martin Gauffin - Ice Fields
01:10 - 04:34 Ran the Man - Curious Eyes
04:34 - 05:20 Chris Shards - Queens Highway
05:20 - 06:16 CLNGR - Rescue Your Mind (Instrumental Version)
08:08 - 10:21 LaKesha Nugent - One Hundred Times
10:22 - 12:12 Andy Delos Santos - We're Like Strangers Again (Instrumental Version)
12:13 - 12:45 Dusty Decks - Golden Crates
12:49 - 14:03 Peter Crosby - Rosemary's Garden
14:03 - 15:06 The Big Let Down - Wanna Run Away With You (Instrumental Version)
15:38 - 16:04 Modal Youth - Smokey Goodbye
16:11 - 18:11 Manukapp - What Comes Next (feat. Lemuel Unaji & Cacau)
18:30 - 19:25 Middle and End - The Run
19:52 - 20:45 RRAREBEAR - AM Japan
20:46 - 23:11 Jobil - Captiva
23:11 - 23:33 Chris Shards - Queens Highway
Thank you to Epidemic Sounds for their music contribution to our show. Check out their massive music collection here:
Produced by Elayna & Riley
Edited by Shane Hillman
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  • Be safe! Great baby "pics" too cute!

    Linda FitzgeraldLinda Fitzgerald33 minutter siden
  • Nice Trailer Park Boys clip :-)

    Peter KristensenPeter KristensenTime siden
  • what is that 1964 boat?

    Roger RRRoger RRTime siden
  • So amazing! Our son (2years old) has just became a big brother. Such a proud little man he has become! Best of luck to you!

    Tobias KühlTobias KühlTime siden
  • E.K I Love You

    Koos OppenheimerKoos Oppenheimer2 timer siden
  • I think Elayna is having a little girl. Regrdless, I hope it is a healthy happy baby. Congradulations !

    Bob MonsonBob Monson2 timer siden
  • So nice to see your perspective on my island!

    dannie kirkdannie kirk2 timer siden
  • Looking for some big stuff? type Merkel or Clipset

    Say OnaraSay Onara3 timer siden
  • great job as always guys!!! love them. happy early bday lenny & good luck on the crossing riley!

    maranda bautschmaranda bautsch5 timer siden
  • Congratulations on the pregnancy. My best wishes to your growing family.

    Tom TiernanTom Tiernan5 timer siden
  • Lenny needs to socialise with kids his own age group soon

    steady blokesteady bloke5 timer siden
  • Hope you get a god trip across the atlantic

    Kim SejrupKim Sejrup6 timer siden
  • For the safety hatches a "quick fix" if you take some "flexseal" waterproof sealer tape and cut it in thin strips and put it over the rubber seal it may be hard to close but it'll seal "watertight" and still open may take 2 people to close it one outside in the water pushing and one pulling it closed and locking it but it works wonders.

    Scs Customs.Scs Customs.6 timer siden
  • What I have seen including autopilot I would reinforce and glass up EVERTHING to do with Rudders.

    Patrick BantaPatrick Banta7 timer siden
  • Wonderful episode

    Charlie AndersonCharlie Anderson9 timer siden
  • Looks like Andre has got himself an old KIngfisher 20+. Great liitle sold boat with a few transatlantics and pacific crossings under them. Go Andre! The back-up pilot looks like a good bit of kit.

    skaraborgcraftskaraborgcraft9 timer siden
  • Just posted my second NOworld video 🥺✨✨

    Rhianon WardRhianon Ward9 timer siden
  • I think it’s a girl because of ur expression when u said it’s not 100% for sure. I hope u have a girl!!!

    reginasimms46reginasimms4610 timer siden
  • Not me lip-syncing the intro every single video😚✌🏼

    Meis HagenbeekMeis Hagenbeek10 timer siden
  • Ah don't!!! Keep the gender a secret, it's the last and only remaining surprise you have in life.

    Aidan SomervilleAidan Somerville10 timer siden
  • I think it's another boy.

    Thomas Andrea HawkinsThomas Andrea Hawkins10 timer siden
  • Excellent Pewdiepie clap. O. K.

    david mcgrathdavid mcgrath11 timer siden
  • Its a girl. Congrats

    Hasen BinLaidHasen BinLaid12 timer siden
  • Day 1 ... get an offshore monohull.

    dilligaf woftamdilligaf woftam12 timer siden
  • After more than 5 years, this thing is all the same and played out. Go get a job ....

    Steve sleddensSteve sleddens13 timer siden
    • Watch something else. Keyboard muscles are truly disgusting. You must be extremely miserable on the inside, I feel sorry for you.

      Bruce DemoranvilleBruce DemoranvilleTime siden
  • Hey guys isn’t it great to sail on our flat earth and sea think about it

    Evan JonesEvan Jones14 timer siden
  • Please let me know if you guys make it to Grenada

    J TJ T15 timer siden
  • thats one big dangerous crossing ....hope the weather plays the game for you ...

    Jason BourneJason Bourne15 timer siden
  • Riley: Oh my God hurricane Katrina! Andre: Keep your sense of humor

    Say OnaraSay Onara15 timer siden
  • there's no water, you get stranded in a desert island, you would drink your own pee? there's plenty of water, you get stranded in a desert island, you would drink your own pee?

    Say OnaraSay Onara16 timer siden
  • if the boat sinks because you put too much weight who would be the first you'd make jump out in the water? remember that Andre is a better friend and Jack is dull

    Say OnaraSay Onara16 timer siden
  • Andre is a good choise if the baby is a boy and it seems a suitable name for a butler

    Say OnaraSay Onara16 timer siden
  • Andre meditating. My cup runneth over.

    Clark BettsClark Betts16 timer siden
  • Riley = Stache master

    Clark BettsClark Betts16 timer siden
  • Such a great and happy bunch!!

    Kaitlin CastilloKaitlin Castillo17 timer siden
  • easiest way to find were a hatch it leaking from, open the hatch, clean both sides, rub chalk on the fixed side (i.e the hull) then close the hatch. if the hatch is perfect you'll have a nice even line the entire way around. If there are any dodgy bits you'll get a weak line or a missed bit.

    RyanRyan17 timer siden
  • How do 285k watch and only 18k take the time to click the like button? Do most of us just take this kind of content for granted now.... I may be wrong but to me a ‘like’ on a video is a way of showing appreciation.

    Paul CrosbiePaul Crosbie17 timer siden
  • Guys thanks for inspiring us. We just brought a 43ft yacht which we are going to live fulltime on.. We are in NZ and I'll probably grow a mow Riley lol..

    Kim SmithKim Smith17 timer siden
  • Lenny picks his nose then tries to take something off Elayna's plate with the same hand. LOL!

    Buckeye PilotBuckeye Pilot18 timer siden
  • I thought you were selling it. Cant Andre go with and fly back?

    w. Hamiltonw. Hamilton18 timer siden
  • Mindfulness is so great. Never miss a day. How blessed you are to have these men take the journey. Glad you are feeling better Elayna...I am happy to wait and have a surprise about the baby. Happy parties for Lenny and the sailors. God Bless.

    Mary RankinMary Rankin18 timer siden
  • Trailer park boys clip!! Right on Eh!

    A SeeA See18 timer siden
  • Be safe all of you .I bet the baby is a 👧

    Joy BochslerJoy Bochsler18 timer siden
  • I NEED to know what your baby is!! I can’t wait

    Olivia PattersonOlivia Patterson19 timer siden
  • Riley! I love you, and I say this with love and concern... you don’t look yourself. You look unhealthy. Your hair has thinned significantly and you are losing weight. When is the last time you got checked out by the doctor? I am afraid you are sick. I hope you get a clear bill of health soon just to be extra safe. This channel wouldn’t be the same without you!

    Emma WEmma W20 timer siden
  • Really enjoyed the song choices this episode, they're always great but this one hit different. Keep it up!

    Dawn ButtsDawn Butts20 timer siden
  • Jacks personality 😌

    Miss VirgoMiss Virgo20 timer siden
  • ALOHA!

    STEVEN RSTEVEN R20 timer siden
  • Oh so sweet 👶🏼. I think I seen something in that scan 🤔 Anyone else see it??? :)

    Tambi JoTambi Jo20 timer siden
  • Omg welcome back the most authentic man in the world, cousin Jack ....about time ! Love that guy , plus parasailing , baby pics, and Spain.... wow

    mike hollinmike hollin21 time siden
  • Thank God for the pause button

    jctjhjctjh21 time siden
  • Alright Andre ⛵️ CONGRATULATIONS ⛵️ New Sail Boat 👍. So Happy For You!! Riley & Elayna are Very Lucky To Have Such A Loyal, Sweet, Hard Working Friend Like You “ + He’s the Cutest 😃. Always a BIG SMILE ON THAT FACE :).

    Tambi JoTambi Jo21 time siden
  • Omg I'm so excited for you guys to be in the Caribbean!..... I'm in Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago

    Thandiwe PrescottThandiwe Prescott21 time siden
  • 5:45 Proof Elayna should have her own ASMR channel.

    Peter PonomarenkoPeter Ponomarenko21 time siden
  • hey I've been watching your videos for almost 2 years now and I love them. Its a great way for me to relax from my courses and watch a couple of cool good people voyage across the world. It makes me really happy to see people like you doing what you want and being satisfied with life, it also makes me feel like when this pandemic is over I'll travel as much as you guys! Keep making great videos!

    Audrey GarveyAudrey Garvey21 time siden
  • Happy Birthday Lenny!

    Ulysses & PenelopeUlysses & Penelope21 time siden
  • 💛🌴

    CindyCindy21 time siden
  • How many Africans did you allow to stay on your Catarman, which were given to you? 5, 2, even 1? Why, because you can't trust them with your wife and son. If we meet in the El Caribe, I'll still have that chat We live and learn. Lived in 10+ countries, and been to 80 + I see what the Africans have done to my Homeland, Germany, what they have done to France, Spain, Sweden, Norway, on and on it goes unto the United States. I am sure NZ, and OZ is the same

    Fritz HurstFritz Hurst22 timer siden
  • It's another boy!!

    Brandon BoothBrandon Booth22 timer siden
  • They filmed planet of the apes on that mountain.

    Paul FletcherPaul Fletcher22 timer siden
  • Lenny is going to be two? Are you kidding me? Already? Wow. He is the most adorable kid on the planet . Who is going with Riley on this crossing? All three I hope.

    Dennis DrexlerDennis Drexler22 timer siden
  • Why is Andre so cute!?!! I mean I love the main cast, but he brings a smile to my face each time! Love the take on looking out the window quietly watching him meditate! Best humor. Jack's pasta looks amazing!

    Patti NakanoPatti Nakano23 timer siden
  • It's another boy!

    JulieJulie23 timer siden
  • I just subscribed. Love your videos. Forgive me if you’ve already answered this… what do you do for a living to make this possible? I am 46 years old and interested in sailing. I’ve been powerboating all my life. I’m ready to take the next step and sail in the Caribbean…a expensive endeavor even for a short period of time. Second question… In Lou of my age (I’m in good shape) where should I start in the BVI?

    Blair BarfellBlair Barfell23 timer siden
  • I couldn't tell if Riley was sad or happy you guys are flying and leaving him!!

    Brandon BoothBrandon Booth23 timer siden
  • You really do not need all those tests , you are healthy and already know that you have no issues building a healthy baby. Dont fee all for all the fear tests that the medical business has to sell using fear and tactics. You know you can do this..

    steve clarksteve clark23 timer siden
  • What a beautiful area guys! Sending prayers for the family!!!!!! Enjoy everything!

  • These are very interesting videos and a great change of pace. It’s more than a bit concerning that this is at least the 2nd repair needed on the structural portion of the boat that supports and operatives the steering and autopilot system. Remember Riley and Andre had to glass in a bracket for the autopilot mount. This is not a good testimonial for the overall engineering and construction of this brand of boat. These areas should NEVER crack. And these did after what? 2-3 years? Maybe they’re not engineered and built for Atlantic crossings. Just Med coastal cruising? But, it gets pretty rough there too.

    Eric BescobyEric BescobyDag siden
  • Good old Lenny. :)

    taxalterrortaxalterrorDag siden
  • Side view tells all - i’m venturing a guess: girl. And Sophia: boy.

    John DateJohn DateDag siden
  • Meditation is the best. Jack and I are simpatico on that! Nice work everyone!

    Eternal Life ChurchEternal Life ChurchDag siden
  • TBH, even it’s a new boat it looks like a paper boat e.g. built very lightly...seeing the previous videos where seats are flying, that rudder steering system etc. So the famous and endless discussions what’s blue can and will break, structural things should not break in normal use

    Smuli SmuliSmuli SmuliDag siden
  • Does Lenny know what is a Carcharodon carcharias?

    Say OnaraSay OnaraDag siden
  • Next time you work on winches, cut a hole in a cardboard box that tightly fits over the winch keeps pats in the box.

    Carl HicksCarl HicksDag siden
  • i've seen the Great White face to face in South Africa. is that one of the main reasons you are sailing always the Atlantic?

    Say OnaraSay OnaraDag siden
  • Weird situation with the new Aussie dude right? Laner is preggers so def wouldn’t be cheating with him right?

    Kirby SpencerKirby SpencerDag siden
  • have you seen this movie ? because he looks like Riley and it is hilarious

    Shankara Lou CoutureShankara Lou CoutureDag siden
  • For that piece of timber that is cracked you could use a few right angle brackets on either side and bolt it down so it doesn't move.

    Craig SimpsonCraig SimpsonDag siden
  • Superb, We've stayed in the hotel Infront of where you picked up your hire car. Safe travels

    Bonny VoyageBonny VoyageDag siden
  • Riley is always too busy with work on the boat i think Elayna and Andre are hiding us something

    Say OnaraSay OnaraDag siden
  • Or, Andre is working on himself and is open to trying meditation. It looked like he was giving it an honest go. How many of us put off doing something to improve ourselves because we worry about being laughed at? Brave Andre. Kind of a cheap shot at him. Kind of a "making fun of the little brother" vibe.

    GladtobemomGladtobemomDag siden
  • Who is the father Elayna, Jack or Andre? ELAYNA CONFESS!!

    Say OnaraSay OnaraDag siden
  • thank you

    D.J. A.D.J. A.Dag siden
  • Guessing it’s another boy!

    KBNielRHSKBNielRHSDag siden
  • GET ANDRE TO START A YT plss. Obviously if he has the time with his university. It would be great content fixing up his boat.

    Innes JacksonInnes JacksonDag siden
  • 8:06 LOL

    mike freespeechmike freespeechDag siden
  • Love the TPB reference snuck in there! Also a fan of Randy and Lahey 😂

    Matt StichMatt StichDag siden
  • So happy for you three 1/2. Blessed sails and plane flies y'all- Im happy to tag along wherever you go!

    Taumy GilbertTaumy GilbertDag siden
  • I think Andre needs a pay rise Riley! Loosen up your purse strings mate!

    corphurcorphurDag siden
  • @Sailing La Vagabonde, where were you exactly in Tenerife? I used to live there for over 20 years... El Teide, still active Volcano and with 3714 meters the highest elevation in Spain. I used to live near Los Christianos in the South of the island. Great stuff to do there, and the diving is insane if you're into that.

    NapFloridianNapFloridianDag siden
  • elena! your hair seems like it’s grown a foot so fast! i know it’s not your guys forte, but id love to hear some about what you do to maintain your locks on board!

    Brynne NelsonBrynne NelsonDag siden
  • saludos desde spain..

    jesualdo73jesualdo73Dag siden
  • inspirations!!

    Veleiro KoaVeleiro KoaDag siden
  • Wow I have been on for awhile Congratulations on the baby and Riley be safe and be prepared I do envy ur life but it’s a family and they need you. Stay loving and so freaking cool , enjoy!

    MowhoknowMowhoknowDag siden
  • Hi guys !! if you are interested in the island of Gomera there is the house of Cristofolo Colobo, 1492 is located in the city of San Sebastian 20 miles from the south of Tenerife

    Klodian BrahimajKlodian BrahimajDag siden
  • You’re soooo lucky to have such great friends, especially Andre. Good luck.

    Joe HopperJoe HopperDag siden
  • WoW! i am so loving that LANDSCAPE...who needs MARS shots😎

    Joanne TurnbullJoanne TurnbullDag siden
  • It’s another boy haha that look was like OMG me against 3 boys 😂

    Ryan MorganRyan MorganDag siden
  • reasonable similarities Jack: blinded by the light 0:07 Riley: Chanquete 22:30 Andre: Jordi Wild

    Say OnaraSay OnaraDag siden
  • In July 2019 I cycled up Mount Teide from Playa de la Americas. It took me 4 hours to get up and 45 minutes to get down. It nearly killed me but was so much fun too. The views at top were awesome. It was like the moon.

    Ian HutchinsonIan HutchinsonDag siden