Our Favourite Sailing Destinations in New Zealand! Ep. 77

13. mars. 2017
970 287 Ganger

Join the crew on La Vaga as we sail the east coast of Northland New Zealand and show you a few of our favourite sailing destinations! Meet a few new faces and re-celebrate christmas and new years with us (because who doesn't want to celebrate christmas and new years like every weekend?). I hope you're enjoying catching up to real time. Videos made with love, Elayna. Xo
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  • So how does a taylor hold up on the boat?

    Joe KyserJoe Kyser2 dager siden
  • You're v videos, music, cartoons, quality has nicely amped up... great job! Not sure I'm watching in order, no prob, so much fun to watch!

    Andre AndrusAndre Andrus3 dager siden
  • Understand the Marlin sport... glad you're releasing.

    Andre AndrusAndre Andrus3 dager siden
  • Happy New Year, guys! FYI: 2020 is gonna suuuuuuuuuuck!

    Laura WilliamsLaura Williams4 dager siden
  • the before times

    Greg PearceyGreg Pearcey6 dager siden
  • Love you guys but I'm a strict vegetarian and I do it because I love animals so much, so it does hurt me to see these guys pulled up. I was glad to see it released. I think as long as you're going to do it, do it responsibly and know if a species is endangered. Me personally, I'd rather see the ocean free of humans.

    Jael JadeJael Jade11 dager siden
  • I think catch and release is excessively crewel catch what you can eat ... also awesome channel

    Michael RichardsMichael Richards14 dager siden
  • I say eat em man

    Joe KyserJoe Kyser17 dager siden
  • So what happens to the hook when the line breaks or fish like that marlin are released? Personally if a sport involves another species being hunted or with the chance of being abused like horse racing then the ethical question is one left for the future of humanity and our own attitude towards each other.

    Drowe71Drowe7120 dager siden
  • I’m a sport fisherman and catch and release is cool mate!!! Have fun!!

    Jason KelleyJason Kelley23 dager siden
  • watching in 2021. Wow, so different. Elayna such a doll, busting out in song and laughter at the drop of a hat- Riley with the dry wit, always a mischievous twinkle--you guys rocked it. I hope you go back and watch these old episodes yourselves sometimes. Great fun!

    Jack LJack LMåned siden
  • When it comes to catching a fish then I eat it !!!

    Troy DaltonTroy DaltonMåned siden
  • Passengers and XXX were both great movies. I'm with you on certain movies being to much but you'd have to like the later mentioned. Love the angel singing voice

    Mare'EE SmeeuthMare'EE SmeeuthMåned siden
  • Hated listening to the rap, but other than that moment or so, this was a nice vid. Great fun! As for the questions about catching marlin, catch and release is absolutely fine. I'm a marine biologist, and though I specialize in sharks, we learn a great deal of general information which translate to most larger species. While you are putting the marlin in a bit of a vulnerable position as it's being exhausted in the fight, there isn't a shortage of these creatures, and I think incidents of sharks attacking them or other realities from these battles are rare from my experience. After you've pulled them forward for a while to oxygenate their bodies post catch, they are back to being the blazingly fast predators they normally are. No problems with catch and release. Here and there you can eat one. Usually it's better to eat a smaller one, which isn't sexually mature yet, as it's not going to hurt the species immediate abilities to reproduce. People normally get this backwards, and think they should only eat the bigger ones, and leave the smaller ones. But the smaller ones are NOT contributing to the reproduction cycle yet, and could be killed by a number of things before they ever do. So, leave the big ones who are actively participating in the reproduction of the species, and chose a smaller one if you ever want to eat one.

    Stev AStev AMåned siden
  • Love it the 1 hour long episodes:)) . Been watching you guys for over 2 years so I’m up to date and had to start watching you guys from beginning. Love you guys

    Clash with PortugalClash with PortugalMåned siden
  • i love you guys.

    kattl oxokattl oxoMåned siden
  • eat the spinal synovial fluid of the Marlin. it is a delicacy.

    Bryan MBryan MMåned siden
  • catch & eat just one. that would feed so much. stressing/tiring a bunch could make them all shark bait I guess.

    Bryan MBryan MMåned siden
  • here I am, years later seeing your "weather bomb" and all I can say "bl**dy Aussie weather drifting across the ditch... - I live here in Auckland!

    Catherine de SetonCatherine de SetonMåned siden
  • 17:40. That is the most kludged bottle opener I have ever seen, but what ever works. LMAO Great mother of invention!

    Timothy CharlesTimothy CharlesMåned siden
  • Seventeen ads in this video 0_0

    RobertRobertMåned siden
  • Elayna should try American Idol.

    Max PruettMax PruettMåned siden
  • hopefully one day you will sail the inside passage of bc canada on your way to glacier bay alaska and see beauty like you have never seen before

    long lifelong lifeMåned siden
  • well done. you and your team have really matured into a great production over the years. keep doing your passion as i extremely enjoy your adventure and day to day grind. cheers

    Kenneth StrickbineKenneth StrickbineMåned siden
  • 2021 here!

    KoolA1dKoolA1d2 måneder siden
  • Emulsion tube. Main jet. Not injectors you big Adelaide unit!

    Cal MauricCal Mauric2 måneder siden
  • The 2yo and 4yo really gave a good "ooooh" over the outdoor mural art in Whangarei. And the 4yo, while watching the boys marlin fishing, asked, "Is them havin' a play date?" Haha.

    Sarah LeonardSarah Leonard2 måneder siden
  • Catching Marlin as a vegan I hate it, as a carnivore I love it and eat it, as a fisherman tag and release it ;) lol

    Sailing Citrine SunsetSailing Citrine Sunset2 måneder siden
  • The worst lighthouse ever LOL amazingly beautiful spot. You would think they would put something up there resembling a lighthouse. Hahahahaha

    TheMorganMonroeShowTheMorganMonroeShow2 måneder siden
  • Looks like I missed 76 lol. I’ll go back after this vid. Lol #VictoryLap2021.

    TheMorganMonroeShowTheMorganMonroeShow2 måneder siden
  • I loved the NZ episodes of course I have never been to any of these places up north seeing it on the boat is a whole different perspective Thanks 😃

    Liz PLiz P2 måneder siden
  • How long are you guys going to sail.Just wondering?❤️

    Yvan RomainYvan Romain3 måneder siden
  • That was neat seeing New Zealand, and your old Vagabonde videos. I would let Mr Marlin go.

    smileyhappyradiosmileyhappyradio3 måneder siden
  • From Jamaica, as far as I know the populationof Blue Marlin is just fine, and they are most excellent when 'Smoked'.

    rene mcdanielrene mcdaniel3 måneder siden
  • Way to go Riley.....sneaky and sweet....Bro.....gnarly "Man Status"!

    Kuokoa2020Kuokoa20203 måneder siden
  • The captions at 53:58 are hilarious

    Dylante 202Dylante 2023 måneder siden
  • Never yet seen a video that wasn't worth watching. If I wasn't on a pension I would certainly become a patreon just to keep it going.

    Gordon ClarkGordon Clark4 måneder siden
  • Never yet seen a video that wasn't worth watching. If I wasn't on a pension I would certainly become a patreon just to keep it going.

    Gordon ClarkGordon Clark4 måneder siden
  • Fkn Awesome, Dreams Your Life Style , Love Toronto. Canada By Indonesian Canadian, I m Happy For U Guy's Cheers

    Carluci WangCarluci Wang4 måneder siden
  • the best part is hearing her beautiful singing too meehh!!! God, i could just take a playlist please !! lol beautiful !)

    Tyler ChastanTyler Chastan4 måneder siden
  • If this channel show was produced in the 80’s, they would mostly certainly be sponsored by Marlboro. Great lifestyle, beautiful people, freedom... Yep, what a brainwashing era that was...glad we past it. Great channel btw!

    Helio NetoHelio Neto4 måneder siden
  • I just butt dialed this episode somehow and I'm loving it!!! So rootsy. Seriously, it just popped up on my tv while I was Repurposing old cutting boards and I stopped and watched the whole thing. Hilarious 😄

    Chris RiehlChris Riehl4 måneder siden
  • 👍

    Владимир ГлебовВладимир Глебов4 måneder siden
  • I'm not a vegan, nor a vegetarian, but I don't like the sport of catching, hurting, for your pleasure and then release. Surely the creature is feeling pain, stress and more. It's a MAN thing. I love your videos of NZ, my NZ friends are yachties, and I've done a tad of the Bay of Islands and such. Spectacular footage, and fun with your friends. I started watching from video 230+ . Now decided to go backwards. AMAZING>

    KimKim5 måneder siden
  • We like the hour long episodes! My kids love them too.

    GladtobemomGladtobemom5 måneder siden
  • Cheers Riley You asked for opinions on sport fishing. First of all I am Canadian I have lived in the tropics for more than 25 years. Mexico to currently in Costa Rica for a dozen years and every where you can imagine in between, including, Belize, USVI, BVI, Sint Marrten, St- Martin....and so on. I manage Bareboat Yacht Charter Sailing companies. I have never even considered, Hurting and stressing a beautiful soul like a marlin or whatever,Catch and release...BS I may if I am hungry, But that would be the only reason. I have followed you and Elayna on La Vaga since the begining. Living off the sea and land and love. Our world is messed up now, please don't hurt anyone for the sake of a smile and photograph. Pura Vida Michael

    Michael BrunetMichael Brunet5 måneder siden
  • We installed a salt water pump and hose up forward so that we can clean our anchor as it comes up.

    footcandlesfoxfootcandlesfox5 måneder siden
  • Thank you both.

    howard thomashoward thomas5 måneder siden
  • Not surprised by the crazy Millions story. Glad you keep it real. Great vid again. Never disappoint.

    Kit BurkeKit Burke5 måneder siden
  • What book were you referring to for all the anchorages in New Zealand?

    Eden SmithEden Smith5 måneder siden
  • That was some pro drone flying by JP when he goes through the archway 🙌

    Alisa RAlisa R5 måneder siden
  • A movie and or documentary does not make “global warming” real. Sensible skeptical thinking is ALWAYS better than one sided opinionated information. In fact it’s the basis behind critical scientific debate. Listen to both sides before you develop a position!!!

    John BlomquistJohn Blomquist5 måneder siden
  • Cruel let them go.

    Rosemary AshtonRosemary Ashton5 måneder siden
  • I know this is old but just wanted add my 5cents worth on marlin fishing, if you pull em up and out then you should be doing it because you plan to eat it and not waste it or kill it for no particular reason, in that case tag and release so long as your doing it right then by all means enjoy the sport and thrill of catching the big fish, and lastly when fishing for anything regardless of whether you hit the perfect spot with the perfect fish , dont over fish cause you can, fish what you can eat and maybe acouple for the freezer or for the family or friend that cant get out to get a feed , lastly if like yourselves you can go fishing whenever then fresh is best so only take what you can eat , safe sailing , hope you enjoyed NZ and plan on coming back these ways sometime love the videos and corona beers, cheers !

    Carmen HCarmen H5 måneder siden
  • please, don't forget the basics, start where you began and you will have the answer.

    MP ZomerMP Zomer6 måneder siden
  • Two years lateeeer...

    Yildirim Cenk EYildirim Cenk E6 måneder siden
  • Hi Riley - the Vendee Globe just started and I could not find your name on the participant list ! 😂

    Andrea CassaniAndrea Cassani6 måneder siden
  • Jesus Cristus.. there is no bettter dreem than to rravel around the world with such a cutee..

    RGRG6 måneder siden
  • Tag and release a plus plus. How else will we know if they ever become endangered? Great job all of you.

    Paul HellewellPaul Hellewell6 måneder siden
  • Marlin is not a good fish to eat 😖just release

    Miriam RodriguezMiriam Rodriguez6 måneder siden
  • What happened to the girl that was supposed to sail with ya for a year???

    me2onthenetme2onthenet6 måneder siden
  • Amazing drone footage!

    hex hexhex hex6 måneder siden
  • Uu

    Johannes LatvaJohannes Latva6 måneder siden
  • Thank you, thank you again. Such a beautiful family. Such a beautiful Island group. Always a pleasure.

    Kit BurkeKit Burke6 måneder siden
  • If you ever drop anchor in San Diego, CA, you can join one of the daily tours of the Taylor guitar factory in El Cajon. It's fun and enlightening.

    Alan LandAlan Land6 måneder siden
  • Eat them !

    Scott MarkhamScott Markham7 måneder siden
  • What's the dimensions of your home ? And whats the costs of running all year ? Been thinking a lot about buying a sailboat !

    Scott MarkhamScott Markham7 måneder siden
  • Ha! Israeli flag on that boat with the blue Christmas lights, so random..

    avicohen2kavicohen2k7 måneder siden
  • Welcome back blokes!

    Shaun PerryShaun Perry7 måneder siden
  • Sorry, but "Climate Change" is a Globalist Hoax!! But love you guys & your videos!❤ Stay Safe!!

    Regina PittmanRegina Pittman7 måneder siden
  • Another lovely episode... Vera is such a sweetie... Is there much wildlife along that coast? Hopefully we may take a trip over to Sweden next summer...

    John BaxterJohn Baxter8 måneder siden
  • I both catch and release and kill for food. I think the key word here is 'TAG'...catch, tag, release. Its impossible to answer questions objectively about the effect on the fish (will it live after being released...will it effectively breed, etc?) unless there is science and data behind it. The tagging part may ultimately help provide some of those answers.

    P MagP Mag8 måneder siden
  • Watching in 2020 Bring back the long vids and love stuff

    confrontationaltigerconfrontationaltiger8 måneder siden
  • Thanks Riley for asking for our opinions re: catch and release. My thoughts are, I wouldn’t want that done to me so wouldn’t want to inflict that on any other beings. It is their home and I feel we should just respect them and leave them alone. They deserve the same respect as the whales and dolphins etc. PS love your videos! PPS yes I’m vegan 💚

    sarah mariesarah marie8 måneder siden
  • Help! Help to save my boat-house I am not the "reach" man who is loosing his toy. I am an old (72) man who 20 years ago sold his house and bought this boat where I live since then. Now this boat is dying because the Covid-19: i had to go away for a short time and i cant go back: the border are closed. With my litle pension (800$) i could not afford to buy an insurance. The boat is dying and without help i will loose it, i will loose my house, my life. Help me please: a little help from a bunch of person could save my boat-house, my life. Leonardocerrito@gmail.com PLEASE! Leonardo

    leonardo cerritoleonardo cerrito9 måneder siden
  • love this episode because you have family friends close and i see the change of mood and excitement and your other episodes show your adventures.I realized that you give a few lifestyles of life for others. I am about to set sail in 12 months leaving grown kids and family behind to li ve my dream from my love after 27 years reuniting.

    Natalie HaywardNatalie Hayward9 måneder siden
  • I'm vegan, I struggle with seeing a very stressed creature being lynched out of its habitat for the sake of sport. I'm not against sustainable hunting and I think some of us humans need to eat animal products. I love watching you guys and think you are very cool, but this aspect is very challenging to watch. Something happens when you are vegan, your empathy gets amped up. You start to feel as if you were that creature, and the trauma of it. Thanks 4 asking this question.

    Sarah SmithSarah Smith9 måneder siden
  • Catch and a quick release is Fine.

    shaenjshaenj9 måneder siden
  • Bro you guys are great, there are alot of people doing the same thing?

    Dream MaurioraDream Mauriora9 måneder siden
  • 54:12 (The captioner gave up trying to understand NZ/AUZ fisherman talk at this point) lol 😂

    FleurFleur9 måneder siden
  • My you do what fook you want

    Jerry DowneyJerry Downey10 måneder siden
  • Chasing and or catching any animal for sport is henous : - ( There is no moral or ethical defence of such persuits. Put yourself in that animal's position: fighting for your life so a human could feel "pumped" by the chase. That's not civilised or humane.

    missVmilnemissVmilne10 måneder siden
  • Irukonji

    Perusing PersonPerusing Person10 måneder siden
  • Hmmm... my gaydar tells me JP likes men and Danny's character seems malable to the will of others. Future couple?

    AirScholarAirScholar10 måneder siden
  • Watching you guys catch those marlin made me hungry more than anything, honestly.

    Ty RoneTy Rone10 måneder siden
  • nets f mee.

    Brian PetkovicBrian Petkovic11 måneder siden
  • Eat it!

    Rich SanderRich Sander11 måneder siden
  • dont you know any c=other chors

    DEALING DOGDEALING DOG11 måneder siden
  • Loved this video. I would prefer if they were not caught.

    Joanne BedfordJoanne Bedford11 måneder siden
  • wow girl your voice is amazing! love from Canada

    Santana RoseSantana Rose11 måneder siden
  • NOworld wouldn't let me leave my entire comment, so I had to edit it. I also wanted to say that I enjoy your channel, and I've learned a lot from it. I discovered is short time ago, and I've been binge watching your videos from the beginning! I also got your sailing guide, and I've found it to be quite helpful. I'm contemplating a similar venture, so I wanted to learn from someone who's been there, and done that. It's among the best $20 I've ever spent! Cheers...

    Marky MarkMarky Mark11 måneder siden
  • Riley and Elayna, I watched "Before the Flood". Here are my thoughts on the documentary, which I watched here: noworld.info/video/video/3ZSqo7WQ1te-q6M.html ------------- After having watched this documentary, I have a few thoughts to share. One, the major climate change activists are hypocrites. Two, science isn't about consensus. Three, natural phenomena can cause climate change. Four, CO2 isn't a pollutant! Five, past climate predictions were wrong. Six, forecasting models aren't infallible. Finally, the Paris Climate Accord didn't apply equally to all parties. I'll discuss each point in detail below. The major climate change advocates featured in this film are hypocrites; they don't really BELIEVE what they've preached to us. Leo DeCaprio still uses a private jet, which leaves a huge carbon footprint!.Al Gore has a 20,000 sq. foot (about 1,820 sq. meters) mansion; that's huge! That also uses up a lot of natural resources, which, in turn, leaves a huge carbon footprint. Finally, Barack Obama and his family bought a mansion on Martha's Vineyard; better yet, it was near the beach. It's near the water. Riddle me this, Folks: why would someone spend $15 MILLION on a nice mansion if it were to be overcome by the rising seas in 12 years? He wouldn't! That alone tells you Obama didn't believe his climate change talk; if he did, he wouldn't have spent millions on a place that'll be flooded out in 10-12 years. Secondly, science isn't about consensus; it's about understanding nature, the world, and the universe; it's about finding the laws that govern the same. Furthermore, science is often wrong; just because a majority of scientists believe something doesn't mean that they're right! For example, for centuries, it was scientific consensus that Ptolemy was right. It was scientific consensus that the Earth was the center of the universe. Copernicus and Galileo said that the opposite was true; they said that the sun was the center of the universe, and that the Earth revolved around the sun. Galileo was charged with being a heretic, and ended up living the rest of his life under house arrest; even though he was right, he was vilified. Scientific consensus is often wrong, and the Geocentric model is one of history's most glaring examples of this. Three, natural phenomena can and do impact our climate, and we cannot do a thing about them. Just look at any volcanic eruption. They spew HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF TONS of debris into the atmosphere! They change the climate too. Mt. Tambora erupted in 1815. The eruption caused the year without a summer the following year. The year without a summer caused famine the world over; it was during this time that the Irish potato famine started. That's just one example. Here are five massive volcanic eruptions caught on camera: noworld.info/video/video/vYbKpZd92q3bt7M.html This doesn't consider the undersea volcanoes. There are many volcanoes on the ocean floor, and they pour huge amounts of hot lava in to the ocean. This increases ocean temperature. That, in turn, influences climate. Four, CO2 is NOT a pollutant, folks! Not only do we exhale CO2; it's the breath of life for plants. What oxygen is to us, CO2 is to plants. By the process of photosynthesis, plants inhale CO2, and they exhale O2. More CO2 equals more plant growth; more plants equal more photosynthesis; more photosynthesis equals more O2 for us. I learned this in 7th grade! I learned this before high school. WTF are they teaching in schools? Is photosynthesis even being taught? I have to wonder, since so many people believe the lie that CO2 is a pollutant. Five, past climate change predictions were wildly wrong. I'm old enough to remember when it was called global cooling back in the 1970s. When the Earth didn't turn in to a massive block of ice, the name was changed to global warming. When that fantasy didn't happen, it was called climate change. Folks, the climate is ALWAYS changing! Though I could furnish many examples, I'll simply cite Al Gore's notorious 2009 prediction that the ice would be gone in five years. 2009 plus 5 years brings us to 2014. Oh, wait; the ice is still HERE in 2020! Here's Al Gore in his own words: noworld.info/video/video/sKXOpK-ulsbc3as.html. Watch and listen for yourselves; don't take my word for it. The problem is that these predictions have a nasty habit of being wrong, so thinking people are less inclined to believe them. That brings me to my sixth point: computer models aren't infallible. Actually, they're quite fallible, Folks. It depends on what variables are considered. Models also depend on the weight given to certain variables. If there isn't sufficient weight given to the effects of local terrain, a weather forecasting model can and will be wrong. What's the old saying about computers? GIGO: garbage in, garbage out. Look, we can't even predict next week's weather with any degree of certainty! How can we predict the climate decades from now? Before I get someone waving their fingers at me reminding me that weather and climate are not the same thing, I'll say DUH! You don't say. What is climate, but long term weather for a certain region of the world? Furthermore, forecasting models all operate by the same principles; whether one is forecasting weather, long term climate, or COVID-19. Models depend on the assumptions that are examined, and they depend on the weight given to the assumptions. Let's look at the notorious Imperial model that was used to shut down the world for COVID-19, shall we? Did you know that that model was so bad that, when you put the same variables in, you got different answers out? It's true! At the very least, if one puts A,B, and C in to a model, one should always get X, Y, and Z out every single time. Secondly, the Imperial model was constructed with the assumption that people would do NOTHING in response to the spread of the virus. Common sense tells us that this is BS! Whether on an individual or collective level, if there's a problem, won't people respond to it? Won't they take steps to prevent the problem impacting them? For example, if there's a beach that has experienced shark attacks, are people going to SWIM in those waters? Finally, the Imperial model was done in FORTRAN. FORTRAN is a computer language that was OBSOLETE 40 years ago! It's not been taught for decades in STEM programs. Even so, the Imperial model was constructed using FORTRAN. Recent experience has shown us how WRONG forecasting models can be, Folks! They're not perfect tools. Forecasting models can be wrong, so their results need to be viewed with skepticism. Finally, The Paris Climate Accord was not fair, let alone equally applied, to all parties. Did you know that China and India didn't have hard targets to meet? Did you know that their targets were not targets at all? China and India were subjected to what amounted to long term suggestions. IOW, they were allowed to continue being the world's worst polluters! Meanwhile, the US had hard targets to meet, targets what would've put us at a severe economic disadvantage vis-a-vis China and India. Though I'm far from happy with President Trump, one good thing he did was pull us out of a treaty that was totally unfair to the US. Even if we don't look at the fairness aspect of the accord, there are practical considerations as well. Let me ask you this: if we, the US, stop polluting, while China and India are allowed to continue polluting, how does that help our planet? Aren't there upper air winds? Don't these upper air winds affect the whole planet? That said, wouldn't these same upper air winds carry and distribute China's and India's pollution all over the world? How does THAT help reduce pollution? How does that reduce climate change? Common sense once again gives us the answer: it doesn't. To his credit, Mr. DeCaprio acknowledged that the Paris Accord didn't go far enough. To recap, many climate change advocates are hypocrites; they don't walk the walk. Two, science isn't about consensus, and the scientific consensus is often wrong. Three, natural phenomena impact the climate; they impact the climate more than we humans do; and we can do nothing about them. Four, CO2 isn't a pollutant; in fact, it's the breath of life for our plants. Five, past climate predictions were off the mark; why should we believe the predictions now? Six, forecasting models are anything but infallible; just look at your forecast for next week, and compare it to what the actual weather was. Finally, not only did the Paris Accord not go far enough; it was grossly unfair, because it allowed China and India to continue polluting the atmosphere. How does THAT help pollution or climate change? In order to have a meaningful impact, shouldn't all nations have the same targets? Shouldn't all nations clean up their air? Anyway, those are my thoughts on climate change. Thank you. -------------- I'm not saying we should trash the oceans or our air. I'm simply saying that, as humans, our power compared to Mother Nature is insignificant. That's something that, as folks who've circumnavigated the globe, can surely appreciate. Cheers! MarkyMark

    Marky MarkMarky Mark11 måneder siden
  • Rileys eyes have gone wide and wild after seeing so much beauty!

    seesaw66seesaw6611 måneder siden
  • I wouldn't fish for recreational purposes.

    Radu TurcanRadu TurcanÅr siden
  • You were funny then Elaina, :>) were you trying to look mature? You were such a little girl, :>)

    Luz Maria RahlaLuz Maria RahlaÅr siden
  • Big Freaky Eye! 52:21

    ailona hoopailona hoopÅr siden
  • @7:9 there’s a jelly fish in the water it’s big

    Ben FrostBen FrostÅr siden
  • Hadn't seen these newer episodes as I'm a newish subscriber. This has got to be one of the best episode you lot have put out.

    ChristianChristianÅr siden
  • lost for words noworld.info/video/video/s5-_qZuA2t69p68.html

    Liam JoyceLiam JoyceÅr siden
  • 34:28 got me nervous

    Ellis ThomasEllis ThomasÅr siden