Our Swimwear Photoshoot & Baby Gender Reveal!

5. april. 2021
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#298 Grab yourself some SWIMWEAR for a good cause here!👙 www.vagabellaswim.com
We FINALLY launched our charity swimwear line! Here's the behind the scenes video around our first photoshoot. It was mayhem. PLUS, find out the sex of our baby. Two very very exciting things in the one episode... we'll see you there 🥺👙❤️🥳🥳🥳
Elayna, Riley and Lenny x
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    Sailing La VagabondeSailing La Vagabonde5 dager siden
    • Meet up with Jake Kelsick and trying kiting! He is located in Antigua and has a NOworld channel.

      Blake PizzeyBlake Pizzey12 timer siden
    • Terrible, focusing on the shell we live in. Sad people are so superficial, those living in the world of the world

      On A MissionOn A MissionDag siden
    • 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

      jesusjesusDag siden
    • my mum nearly went nuts, 4 boys. better stop while you're ahead!

      Es GeeEs Gee3 dager siden
    • Where is Andre?

      SuriSuri3 dager siden
  • sell your product and idea to big ones....if wanna make it1

    Normund VansaneNormund Vansane2 minutter siden
  • or get super dupa rich to sell yours,exclusive

    Normund VansaneNormund Vansane4 minutter siden
  • but you have to price 500$ a piece otherwise they never buy...:9

    Normund VansaneNormund Vansane6 minutter siden
  • approach lil shops...Monaco..Luxenburg.....and more...exclusive:) hope youll succeed:)

    Normund VansaneNormund Vansane9 minutter siden
  • HEy listen! can you just make an act of your meeting stroy like a short film that keeps all facts that you remember and shows ys all story you had at that time. You can do this like a 5 or 10 mins acting. And please keep all details same as they were at your meeting. Tnaks a lot i love you guys

    İhsan Eray KETENCİİhsan Eray KETENCİ26 minutter siden
  • I was gonna leave a crapes message to those beautiful gurls, but since you said no crapes I wont send a dirty message. I will say however, that that hot chocolate girl had the most beautiful face I've ever seen. I love you guys.

    Goodbye Mr. AndersonGoodbye Mr. AndersonTime siden
  • Lenny is sooo good just sitting on that little boat!! You guys barely even need to hold him its amazing

    Mya JMya J2 timer siden
  • Congratulations. Here's to good health for babe and mum.

    Russ ClaytonRuss Clayton2 timer siden
  • im so happy for you guys🥰. Congratulations

    Vivien WagnerVivien Wagner3 timer siden
  • The swimsuits are gorgeous and your prices are not too high. Most women's suits for "better brands" are between $75 - $200 in my shopping experience over the years. Congratulations on the second boy and being surrounded by other sailors who were inspired by you. Lenny will be a great parent and if your heart is open to a third one day, I hope you consider adoption.

    Kristin RKristin R3 timer siden
  • Some mathematical help to make the decision on a third baby or not 😉: If you want to have at least 1 girl, with the probability of at least 85%, you need to have 3 kids. If you want to have at least one girl with the probability of at least 98%, you need to have 6 baby’s. And btw, the probability of having a girl, after you already had a boy is 25%. While the probability of having 2 kids with different genders is 50%. Hope that helps 😃 [btw, I just used that problem with my students in class to talk to them about probabilities 😉]

    Sternentaucher SchmuckSternentaucher Schmuck5 timer siden
  • Why is there one black and one white model. Why not a Hispanic, Indian or Asian model? Is that what you feel pleases the masses, fits the narrative of western white oppression?🙄

    dr32803dr328038 timer siden
  • I love your videos they make my wife and I so happy. You should do a men's boat wear range. I'd buy it

    brian woodybrian woody8 timer siden
  • Damn I bet you were hoping for a girl🤭

    Leon DunphyLeon Dunphy8 timer siden
  • Congrats 🍾🎉 💙💙💙

    Lola VeaLola Vea15 timer siden
  • Congratulations on the new baby boy!! Lenny is going to love his little Brother.

    masskilla469masskilla46916 timer siden
  • Congratulations on having another Boy ! You will be happy , raising boy's is so much easier. My only word of wisdom is this ; A Son is you son till he takes a wife , A daughter is your daughter for the rest of your life . CHEERS Steve h.

    1sheinz1sheinz17 timer siden
  • I have an awesome name suggestion.. Lyric for a little boy. You know lyric like a song. Lenny and Lyric brothers

    Countryside Living With Tracee LeighCountryside Living With Tracee Leigh17 timer siden
  • Congrats.

    Countryside Living With Tracee LeighCountryside Living With Tracee Leigh17 timer siden
  • Elayna, can you talk in the next video about which charities you’re funding? The website links to Effective Altruism, but it’s still hard to understand. I think better understanding may help increase purchases, too :)

    Ashley WarmbrodtAshley Warmbrodt18 timer siden
  • Mom of four boys here. I completely understand your feelings. NEVER wished my sons were anyone other than exactly who they are...however, I did have to say goodbye to the idea of having a girl. There was a bit of a mourning period with that. The mental picture I had of having a daughter will not be, but I am so incredibly thankful for each and every one of our sons! We are so blessed and there is nothing like the bond between mother and son. Your sons will have such an incredible childhood with two amazing supportive parents!

    1221Alice1221Alice18 timer siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/0XzMjbl7rpXW3Zo.html

    CrimsonCrimson18 timer siden
  • I cried! And congradulations on your baby boy! The next one will have to be a girl so she can have her little mini-me lol.

    Angel HudspethAngel Hudspeth18 timer siden
  • Congratulations! I've watched you since the beginning! Elayna, I have 2 boys, 25 and 28, and now a Girl 9. You both are beautiful and strong and have so much wonderful life to offer! We wish you all the best and then some! Cheers!

    Louis HoelLouis Hoel20 timer siden
  • Lenny's holding out for a SAG card... Get an agent, mate... And Riley will likely come around for a third, which will probably also be a boy, but 4th or 5th time is a charm... 🐰🐇👙🥥 🐣🍼🐤🐥👶👼🚼 🤱🤰 Maybe triplet girls in the end...

    danceswithcarsdcdanceswithcarsdc22 timer siden
  • Wow respect for your passion, that’s to all involved 🙏 , for your passion to life. 💖 its how we need to 🐝

    Matt FordMatt Ford22 timer siden
  • Congrats 😁

    HellyWelly93HellyWelly93Dag siden
  • Nice swimming outfits

    Lawrence ForbachLawrence ForbachDag siden
  • am i the only 16 yo guy to watch these videos ?

    Sean CRONINSean CRONINDag siden
  • Hey Guys, one question. as a beginner, what book or training is the best to start learning about metereology at sea? thanks for taking us along through ur content. i very much apprechiate it. all the love to you and safe travels!!!

    XxPetitNuagexXXxPetitNuagexXDag siden
  • If I could click the dislike button multiple times, I would just for the ridiculous subscribe crap.

    Me MyNameMe MyNameDag siden
  • Yayyyy!!!! CONGRATS!

    ashley douglasashley douglasDag siden
  • Mais que fond les ligues féministes ? Nous sommes sur de la viande.

    ludo Desboisludo DesboisDag siden
  • Congratulation the Vagabond family for a new addition soon to arrive

    Jeffrey JewellJeffrey JewellDag siden
  • come on guys you do know how to make a girl? Its all in the planning.

    WreckedWreckedDag siden
  • Excellent video !!!! Thank YOU !!!

    Calvin CalveyCalvin CalveyDag siden
  • Book recommendation: The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg. Get an EMF meter. Tri Felid. Measure and reduce your exposure and stay healthy.

    Mary NoonanMary NoonanDag siden
  • Congrats guys!! Such an amazing vlog! Going for my first sail on a catamaran tomorrow in the whitsundays and I cannot bloody wait!!

    Sarah HouriganSarah HouriganDag siden
  • Selling people, literally. Pervert with a camera.

    On A MissionOn A MissionDag siden
  • 6:11 This design is next level. Or maybe its the model. Or both? 😍

    Sir GalahadSir GalahadDag siden
  • Girlfriend that photo shoot was amazing. I wish you many successes with the bikini line. It’s awesome to see someone doing something they love. I do believe this is the ‘daughter’ the universe meant for you to have... to Vaga Bella 🥂💕

    Walkabout With KiraWalkabout With KiraDag siden
  • Love your work guys! Congrats on the little boy! Elayna, awesome work on the bikini! Showed my mum your work and she was really upset that there aren’t any age appropriate older lady swimmers, her and her whole water aerobics class can not find stylish, well designed and made but age appropriate swimmers in sizes up to 16! Great market to break into the oldies, retired, spare coin, lots of clubs/groups......... Can I tell her amaze balls Elayna is on the job? Any chance of getting back here to Aussie anytime soon?

    Paul VilesPaul VilesDag siden
  • I have two dogs named Kenzo & Katana. No disrespect just very similar to the names Kenza & Kitana. Cool names and just cool they were put together like this.

    TacticoolNinjaTacticoolNinjaDag siden
  • Congrats, from one mum of boys to another!! I cried at the gender too, but have such a special relationship with both my boys. And I happily ask them why they couldn't be girls, (always have) to which my now 6ft teens laugh and with gleeful delight tell me with varying age appropriate language- they are the superior gender!! 🙄🙄😂😂🥰 so don't worry Elayna!!

    Danielle FraserDanielle FraserDag siden
  • Congratulations ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Awhina RAwhina RDag siden
  • The Caribbean still looks a virgin place only affordable mostly for deep pockets and backpackers. You are not in Magaluf, Torremolinos, Benidorm or Marina d'or this is obvious!

    Twister TwisterTwister TwisterDag siden
  • Congratulations!!! So happy for you both! Lenny will have a best friend for life!

    MitchellMitchellDag siden
  • Come on i need an answer: The Caribbean or the Mediterranean which do you prefer the most???????????????

    Twister TwisterTwister TwisterDag siden
  • swimwear can not save the world only nudity is 100% sustainable

    Twister TwisterTwister TwisterDag siden
  • Details on that sailboat?

    KoomaflooKoomaflooDag siden
  • Congrats you are great people and Lenny is very lucky. Remember when you introduced Lenny. 👏👏🎉

    Paul SteinerPaul SteinerDag siden
  • Love it and funny!

    Dianne.muriel RobidouxDianne.muriel RobidouxDag siden
  • Your dingy could be called the Captain's Gig.

    R TurnerR TurnerDag siden
  • Welcome to the little Mohamed

    ФК ВФК ВDag siden
  • How would you name him Mohammed ?

    ФК ВФК ВDag siden
  • So Very Happy Dreams Come TRUE

    SV CinderellaSV CinderellaDag siden
  • Wow, way to be size inclusive....not even an XL offered!

    Shelby DurbinShelby DurbinDag siden
  • If I ever get a boat it’s cause of y’all too, amen🤍

    E.PE.PDag siden
  • id buy some cool shorts..

    jmpictureflyjmpictureflyDag siden
  • Guys you’re not just inspiring for sailing (i have no interest in sailing whatsoever!), you’re inspiring because your living YOUR dream and all have such good energy because of it Xxx

    Ash HoldsworthAsh HoldsworthDag siden
  • Congratulations, Elayna, on both of your creations.

    Brenda BrahamBrenda BrahamDag siden
  • Riley && his subscribe moment has me laughing out loud!! Don’t let the team down people!! Haha!!

    Christina PhucasChristina Phucas2 dager siden
  • How close are you to the volcano?

    Scholl734Scholl7342 dager siden
  • Yesss... yes I was one of the unsubscribers. But not anymore

    Thomas O'ConnorThomas O'Connor2 dager siden
  • ♥️

    Steven KukeneSteven Kukene2 dager siden
  • Dory is another type of dingy

    rhyspieces playsrhyspieces plays2 dager siden
  • Three words: Hand me downs.

    Carl FengerCarl Fenger2 dager siden
  • brilliant. congratulations to you both.

    Poppy & the PrincessPoppy & the Princess2 dager siden
  • I'd imagine you folks use quite a lot of internet bandwidth. Are you going to get a Starlink pizza box on the new boat?

    Iain McClatchieIain McClatchie2 dager siden
  • Hi Elayna! Do not feel guilty for feeling a bit sad about the gender. We all picture our future a certain way and when we come to the realisation that it will play out differently, we are allowed to mourn what will not be. This does not mean you will love your new son any less. Just know that I would be sad too if I would never have a daughter (currently very single and childless :D ). You are not alone and thanks for your honesty! :)

    BavarianGirl 94BavarianGirl 942 dager siden
  • ahhhh I am full blown crying!!!! congratulations

    Dagmar SeppalaDagmar Seppala2 dager siden
  • Congratulation

    Francois BossaertsFrancois Bossaerts2 dager siden
  • corona rules your life... thumbs down...

    José De AlmeidaJosé De Almeida2 dager siden
  • I've seen unsustainable swimmers for more $$.. Id rather pay for sustainable, and honestly your not KMart/Walmart

    ƬЩIƧƬΣDƬЩIƧƬΣD2 dager siden
  • i am pretty sure that boys do make more mess and are louder and this stuff. but in the end (and i know for a fact), you will have an easier life with boys as children :D so enjoy

    dimml0rdimml0r2 dager siden
  • I panicked panicked a few mins ago I could get access to you video and I been following for well over a year now but managed to sort it,

    Andrew FosterAndrew Foster2 dager siden
  • 📌B.e.S.T f'u"l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's -P-o-R-n-S-e-X--- na.to/snpagrls9XIporn !💋今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっ ぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした, 💓在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而, 人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了 一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。. 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔, 切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味g食物煮的時候

    AmoyAmoy2 dager siden
  • I love your list of Thank You's. So many people on the team and genuine gratitude and passion in your voice. Congrats, I hope the line sells out for you!

    Seth FankhauserSeth Fankhauser2 dager siden
  • So sweet. I knew it. Lenny will have loads of fun. Congratulations!

    Ryan HallRyan Hall2 dager siden
  • Beautiful episode. Congrats to you all!

    GuxGux2 dager siden
  • The way Jack called her E-lay was cute af. His gf is a luckyyy gal

    Cara ChartrandCara Chartrand2 dager siden
  • I wish you the best.

    docbrockytdocbrockyt2 dager siden
  • The world always needs more good men. You will raise wonderful young men. I'm glad you'll be raising not one legendary Lenny, but two!! Congratulations to you both, such an exciting time xx

    Stacey CoeStacey Coe2 dager siden
  • Congrats on the line Elayna, and to both of you on the babe:) Riley, are you taking any guitar classes online?

    Summer St ChristopherSummer St Christopher2 dager siden
  • Yayyyy brotherhood of the traveling pants begins

    virginia twogunsvirginia twoguns2 dager siden
  • Congratulations. Let the brotherhood begin.... it'll be wonderful.

    Kari LynnKari Lynn2 dager siden
  • Your so right Jack they inspire people and watching your strength at sailing has inspired me also. Whenever I’m a little low I watch their videos to inspire me to live life to the fullest.

    Pinky Doodle3Pinky Doodle32 dager siden
  • Congratulations 💙💙💙💙

    Abbey McNultyAbbey McNulty2 dager siden
  • Congratulations !! one more boy wow

    Vuela Alto 2020Vuela Alto 20202 dager siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/lmS_fpewubnKscU.html

    tikopdeshoudertikopdeshouder2 dager siden
  • Mankinis? (Joke)

    Matthew BatesMatthew Bates2 dager siden
  • Why would they hire an N model?

    Ariel ZabihiAriel Zabihi2 dager siden
  • Congratulations from our family to yours! Lenny and my son Briar are very close in age, and Briar bear loves watching lenny explore with you guys! Super excited for you all! Much love from the Ryder family!❤⛵💪

    Dean RyderDean Ryder2 dager siden
  • congratulations guys! i'm so happy for you

    ClaraClara2 dager siden
  • Wow! What a great episode! Congrats on having another little guy! I can't wait to see Lenny and his little bro getting into all sorts of shenanigans! I hope Vaga Bella Swim is a massive success! You two are the bee's knees and I look forward to many more years of your videos! Thank you so much for sharing your adventures and life with all of us!

    jfxl1977jfxl19772 dager siden
  • Y'all should go on Shark Tank.

    Did somebody Say DMT?Did somebody Say DMT?2 dager siden
    • Those models didn't do a good job in modeling those swim suits. The girl with the long hair, her booty was sagging, it was not very flattering at all. Neither of them are not attractive. I wouldn't' buy any of the swim wear.

      Imogen D.Imogen D.2 dager siden
  • Congratulations 😎😎 looking forward to seeing your new little pirate

    Edward MacLeanEdward MacLean2 dager siden
  • narcissistic hipsters

    Mostly PeacefulMostly Peaceful2 dager siden
  • So refreshing to have another Aussie larikan onboard. Jack's little 1 liners made me laugh, felt like I was having a beer with my mates. Ps- congratulations on the news of your new blue 💙💙💙

    Liv AlotLiv Alot2 dager siden